Epoch Times journalist praised for coverage of the Nigerian genocide

Ask Americans what they think of Nigeria. Most people are unaware that Nigeria has been struck by an internal slaughter that killed hundreds of thousands of Christian villagers. Few people know the root cause of the murder.

That’s why Lara Logan, the host of the Fox Nation program Lara Logan Has No Agenda, produced a 38-minute documentary about the Nigerian catastrophe called “Terrorism in the 21st Century Revealed.”

Logan worked from a distance of 5,000 miles, but unfolded the voice of a Nigerian citizen journalist who endangered his life to get video and testimony from villagers who fled the slaughter. Lawrence Zongo, a high school history teacher, collaborated with Joss’ respected conflict reporter Masala Kim, Kaduna’s Luka Vinyat, and Adamawa’s Tom Galva to create a “country clock” created by Zongo. . “

In the movie, Logan asks Lawrence Zongo, “Are you worried about being killed?”

Zongo replies: I have already sacrificed. “

After watching the documentary, Nina Shay, a senior scholar at the Hudson Institute and director of the Freedom of Religion Center in Washington, DC, told The Epoch Times:

“An interview with Rural Watch journalist Lawrence Zongo is one of the moving moments of this moving documentary. It’s clear enough that he’s at stake to talk about the victims of Furani’s Christians. So, neither Westerners nor Nigerians, urban journalists dare to enter the “murder scene” in the northern countryside to get the story. He is willing to live among the victims, knowing that he has the next possibility of going to the slaughter. His fearless witnesses to what appears to be a warning sign of an ethnic genocide deserves the highest award of journalism and our awe. “

Rural Watch reporters reached the US audience under the guidance of Douglas Burton, a former US State Department official and Epoch Times reporter. He worked with Stephen Gregory, the publisher of the US edition of The Epoch Times, to help Zongo and Kim publish a byline in the newspaper.

Gregory said: “The world needs to pay attention to what is happening in Nigeria. We are very proud to announce this powerful and original journalism about the ongoing genocide. The Epoch Times mission The core has reported on human rights abuses. “

Logan acknowledged that the Epoch Times made an integral contribution to her project.

“Without Doug Burton and the extraordinary Nigerian journalists contributing to the Epoch Times, we couldn’t do anything important. Without them, we would see it. Or never know the truth. I have a very deep respect for them and Doug. They represent the pure spirit that means that journalism is at its best. I am all of them. They reminded me why it’s so important to fight for the media the way the Epoch Times fought from the beginning. “

Formerly an award-winning war correspondent on CBS News, Logan brings the audience to reveal multiple horrors in Nigeria’s conflict zone and tell witnesses why the genocide is happening.

The film delves into atrocities unknown to many Nigerians. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Logan said that day a Fula Muslim tribe wiped out the Christian community of Lancome in the Plateau and killed 200 Christians. “Christians are not allowed to live there,” says Logan. The conquerors named the strategically located hill town “Mahanga,” which means “watchtower.” It was 9/11 in Nigeria.

“Terrorist hijacking was not opposed by federal or local authorities. For the denying government, these terrorists who killed at least 70,000 Christians are bandits.” [Masara] Kim: It’s a threat, “Logan told Foxnation viewers.

Epoch Times Photo
Journalist Masala Kim is depicted in a screenshot of Lara Logan’s Fox Nation documentary “Terrorism in the 21st Century Revealed.” (Screenshot revealing terrorism in the 21st century / The Epoch Times)

Hudson’s Shea said Logan’s film portrays a country heading for a catastrophe and has an ominous impact on the United States.

“Moreover, it’s not just a humanitarian crisis of human rights and genocide rates, but also a security concern in the United States. Today, Mahanga is a terrorist base camp. Tomorrow is Africa’s most populous and economical. Half of Nigeria, a thriving country, could be one. The US government must be aware of the benefits that Islamic militants in the region are gaining in the eyes of their approval. [Nigeria’s] President — The president of a defensive scholar who continues to generously support their efforts. Nigeria is rapidly becoming a global catastrophe. “

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram was a major player in Nigeria for some time until its leader, Abu Bakarshekau, was blown up in May 2021. .. The girls were also deployed as suicide bombers, killing thousands of civilians in the process. After Boko Haram kidnapped a large number of Chibok school girls in 2014, President Michelle Obama spread the holy song, “Take our girls back!” Still, as Logan shows, those words were nothing more than betrayal PR stunts.

“US intelligence at the time quickly tracked the girls to the warehouse, and the first black president in the United States, who was able to save them within a few days, did nothing,” she said.

According to Logan, President Obama was not a friend of Nigerian Christians. Obama, in collaboration with Secretary of State John Kerry and Democratic campaigner David Axelrod, removed support from Nigerian Christian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan after passing a law banning same-sex marriage. Instead, Obama worked to elect the Fula Muslim Muhammad Buhari. Still, the newly elected President Buhari has confirmed a ban on gay marriage in Jonathan.

When Secretary of State Kerry visited Nigeria, he first went to the northern city of Sokoto, the center of the former Islamic empire of the Fula people. It is the spiritual home of the Furani Muslims who are still determined to restore their caliphate.

Fox Nation film excerpted on YouTube channels like ICON PSJ mediaWill be welcomed by State Department critics who claim that the United States has spoiled the government that has been involved in the killings of its own people for years.

As Shay said, “bad American policy has considerable responsibility for the fear of innocent northern civilians, especially Christians, under the guidance of Boko Haram. At many levels. The film should be spectacular, even for those of us who are informed about the atrocities of the Fula and Boko Haram. “

Peter Falkenberg Brown