Epstein / Maxwell Abuse Survivor Defenders Petition to Justice Department for Further Prosecution

While touting the conviction of sexual trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell as a “survivor’s victory,” the Morality in Media (NCOSE) has told the Department of Justice (DOJ) many suspicious clients and collusions who participated. We have launched a petition to sue the person. In the infamous pedophile ring of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell was convicted on December 29 of five sex trafficking charges related to her role in Epstein’s sex trafficking network. Her and Epstein’s list of alleged customers are who of the world’s electricity brokers, from Prince Andrew to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and billionaires. Leon black..

Survivors of NCOSE and other sexual abuses want to investigate the credible claims made by the DOJ to these men and many others.

“Without a network of enthusiastic exploiters who are also sex traffickers under federal law, this plan would not have continued as long as it lasted … and Epstein-Maxwell’s sex trafficking plan was isolated. It wasn’t an incident. ” The petition states.. “The Department of Justice (DOJ) needs to establish a cross-jurisdiction task force to investigate, identify, and prosecute all perpetrators engaged in similar acts as Epstein and Maxwell.”

According to all explanations, the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to track Epstein and Maxwell’s suspicious clients. This includes survivors who are willing to testify and a series of simultaneous records from Maxwell and Epstein’s activities over the last two decades.

Eleanor Gaetan, vice president of NCOSE, said prosecutors also have legal means to track Maxwell’s customers. Gaetan explained that Congress passed victims of trafficking and violence protection laws in 2000. It defines sexual trafficking as including solicitation of persons for the purpose of commercial sexual activity.

“This means that in the Maxwell case, there was an invisible party to the crime, a soliciting or patronizing party. Where NCOSE is concerned, attention to Maxwell and Epstein is a concern for this crime. It’s obscuring what was the driving force, and it’s the party to it, “Goetan told the Epstein Times. “Without these enthusiastic exploiters, this plan would not have continued as long as it was done.”

Not all survivors or advocates expect the DOJ to track Maxwell’s clients.Nick Bryant — Who Obtained and finally published Epstein’s infamous Blackbook — The Epoch Times in December told the government that the treatment of the Maxwell case was “abomination of justice.”

“She should be prosecuted for a child trafficking score, but she has only one prosecution, which turns out to be concealment,” Bryant said.

The Maxwell / Epstein scandal is a very popular topic online across the political spectrum, but government officials and politicians are largely silent about the controversy over how the Justice Department handled investigations and prosecutions. doing. One of the few people to speak after Maxwell’s verdict was Marjorie Taylor Greene. She said on Twitter that Epstein “should expose the entire network and give his property to the victims.” She has since been launched from Twitter for comments on COVID-19.

However, despite the apparently difficult battle, Goetan said he was optimistic that Maxwell / Epstein’s network would eventually be brought to justice.

“We are convinced that this is the beginning of justice, not the end,” she said.

Gaetan pointed out that it took decades for Maxwell to be prosecuted. While many may question the government’s response to Maxwell / Epstein’s investigation, Goetan said their arrest still took a major step in the right direction.

“There were a lot of spins around the trial, but at the end of the day Maxwell was found guilty. She’s a pimp,” Goetan said. She may not be your stereotyped pimp, but she is definitely a pimp. She procured, recruited and groomed women for Jeffrey Epstein and his friends. “

Ken Silva


Kensilva covers the national security issues of The Epoch Times. His reporting career also includes cybersecurity, crime and offshore finance. This includes three years as a journalist in the British Virgin Islands and two years in the Cayman Islands. Contact him at [email protected]