Epstein’s modeling agency, Pimp Jean-Luc Brunel, is found hanging in a cell

United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York

United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York

Jean-Luc BrunelA French modeling agency accused of raising minor women Jeffrey EpsteinIn a shocking replay of how Epstein himself died, he was found hanging in his Parisian prison cell.

According to officials, a 76-year-old woman was found in La Sante early Saturday during a night check by security guards. Lemond..

His lawyer told the paper that the apparent suicide was “caused not by guilt, but by deep injustice.”

Brad Edwards, who represented Virginia Giuffre, the whistleblower of Epstein and Brunel, said he believed the French had died because he knew his fate had been decided.

“He and Epstein did it only while they had hope to get out,” Edwards told The Daily Beast.

“Virginia’s testimony in France was the main reason Jean Luc was imprisoned. Her recent reconciliation with Prince Andrew solidified her as a very credible person, so he is true. It’s not surprising that he followed the same timid path as his old companion to avoid accountability. To many of his victims I feel sick, but this is totally in our investigation. No impact, it continues to be strengthened. “

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pimp Jean-Luc Brunel when he boarded a plane to Africa

Brunel, the founder of Karin Models and MC2 Model Management, began an investigation by a French prosecutor in August 2019. He was arrested in December 2020 while trying to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal.

At the time, prosecutor Remi Heights said in a statement that Brunel was “suspected of committing rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment against various minor or large victims, especially young girls and young women. Suspected of organizing transportation and containment. ” On behalf of Jeffrey Epstein. “

There is no doubt that he was a close companion to Epstein, who committed suicide by hanging in a Manhattan cell in August 2019 while awaiting a trial on suspicion of sex trafficking.

His name has appeared more than 15 times in Epstein’s private jet flight record, and photos used as evidence in a proceeding against Epstein’s best friend Ghislaine Maxwell show that he is playing with her and Epstein. Was there.

He also visited Epstein dozens of times during the first prison stint of a financier in Florida to raise a minor girl for prostitution.

A log from Epstein’s Palm Beach house contained a message from Brunel, who appeared to refer to a young girl. In one of her notes, Brunel reported, “I love Jeffrey,” she said, “I did the right thing-18 years.” In another example, Brunel said, “He has a teacher to teach you how to speak Russian … she’s 2×8 years old, not blonde. Lessons are free and you can call today in one day Can be. “

Models say Jeffrey Epstein’s closest companion took the drug and was raped

Jufre claimed in legal documents that she was forced to put Brunel to sleep, especially while she was Epstein’s “sex slave.” She accused Brunel of using a modeling agency to import girls and young women and “bring them up to his friends, including Epstein.”

“Many girls came from poor countries and poor backgrounds, and he promised to make good money and invited them,” Giuffre said in a 2015 affidavit. “Jeffrey Epstein told me he slept with more than 1,000 Brunel girls, and everything I saw confirms this claim.”

However, allegations of illegal activity against Brunel preceded Epstein’s scandal. 1988, 60 minutes We interviewed an American model who worked with him in Paris, where Brunel accused them of taking medicine and molesting them.

Brunel professed his innocence through it.

“I strongly deny that I have committed any illegal or fraudulent activity in the course of my work as a scouter or modeling agency manager,” he said. 2015 statement.. “I have been exercising with the highest ethical standards for almost 40 years.”

French police have now begun investigating Brunel’s death. When Epstein was found hanged, it created a whirlpool of conspiracy theories that he had been murdered. Brunel’s death under such similar circumstances is certain to make the rumored factory grow rapidly.

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