Epstein’s whistleblower Annie Farmer testified that Ghislaine Maxwell told her to remove the top and massaged her at the age of 16.


Annie Farmer testifies during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell's sexual abuse.

In this court sketch, Annie Farmer testifies to the witness stand during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sexual abuse in New York on Friday, December 10, 2021. A picture of Maxwell is displayed on the foreground screen.Elizabeth Williams via AP

  • Ghislaine Maxwell’s fourth and last whistleblower in a child sex trafficking trial ran for Friday.

  • Annie Farmer testified that Maxwell was caressing her breasts when she visited Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch at the age of 16.

  • After Farmer’s mother and ex-boyfriend offered to support her story, the government suspended their proceedings.

Fourth and last whistleblower Ghislaine Maxwell’s Child Sex Trafficking Trial She talked to her on Friday and testified that Maxwell massaged her after instructing her to take off the top when she visited Jeffrey Epstein’s vast New Mexico Ranch in 1996.

Female Annie Farmer is the only whistleblower to testify in her full name. another, Carolyn, testifying in her name, The other two whistleblowers testified early in the trial under the pseudonyms “Jane” and “Kate.”

The prosecutor took a break from the proceedings on Friday afternoon following Annie’s testimony. But before she ran, US district judge Alison Nathan told the jury that Annie’s testimony was seen as evidence of “illegal sexual activity,” as the prosecutor claimed in the first indictment. He said it shouldn’t be. Nathan gave similar instructions regarding Carolyn’s testimony early in the trial.

Farmer has previously told her story publicly in the media and in civil lawsuits. She first met Epstein at the age of 16. From late 1995 to early 1996, I flew from my home in Arizona to New York City to visit my sister Maria Farmer. Maria Farmer, who was 25 at the time, lived there. A 500-square-foot apartment in West Village, Manhattan, was hired by then-wealthy financier Epstein for an arts commission.

In a diary entry written by Annie before the trip presented in court on Friday, she was interested in giving her children a good education, and Epstein saw her enroll in college and get a scholarship. He said he wanted to help. Annie was in her third year of high school at the time and testified that her mother’s house money was tight after her parents divorced.

Annie’s first encounter with Epstein testified at his Upper East Side mansion that Epstein asked about college plans and recommended traveling abroad to help with college applications. Epstein then sent his driver to take Sister Farmer to the theater district for the performance of “The Phantom of the Opera,” Annie said.

Annie had another interaction with Epstein on that trip. She, Maria and Epstein all saw “12 Monkeys” at the cinema. Maria and Annie were sitting on either side of Epstein, Annie testified, and throughout the film he caressed her hands, feet, and arms. Annie said she felt “stomach hurts” when interacting with Epstein.

The same day Annie returned to Arizona, in another journal entry presented in court on January 7, 1996, she expressed ambivalence about the caress of the cinema. On that page, she wrote that she “strange” to Epstein’s touch, but didn’t want to endanger her sister’s employment and chose not to tell anyone what happened. (Maria leveled allegations of her own misconduct against Epstein and his associates, but was not called as a witness in Maxwell’s criminal trial.)

“I was trying to come up with an excuse to make it seem okay,” Annie told the jury on Friday.

Annie said Maxwell persuaded her to accept a topless massage

Annie didn’t meet Maxwell in New York. She testified that she met Maxwell on another trip in April 996 after flying to the giant Zoro Ranch in Epstein, New Mexico, which spans thousands of acres. Epstein spoke with Annie on the phone at least twice in the months following his trip to New York, she testified and appeared interested in helping her enter a good college.

Annie said she was nervous about going on a long weekend trip, but calmed down because she believed Maxwell was on the ranch. She testified that she didn’t think Epstein would move her forward because she thought Maxwell was his girlfriend. Later, when Annie’s mother, Janice Swain, was called to the stand to support her daughter’s story, Epstein said Epstein told her that his wife, Maxwell, would chaperone Annie on a trip.

When she arrived at the ranch, Annie knew that Epstein, Maxwell, and herself would stay in the same house, she testified. Epstein’s ranch staff were sleeping in another building, so she said they were the only ones there overnight.

“When I saw I was a teenager, it seemed unusual,” she said on Friday.

Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.Southern New York Federal Law Office

Annie, now the therapist, identified jury Maxwell in her light brown sweater. Maxwell, who generally sat immobile through the witness’s testimony at trial, appeared visibly rumbling accordingly and later leaned against Farmer.

Prosecutor Blame Maxwell He procured girls for Epstein, groomed them for sexual abuse, participated in the sexual abuse, and lied about her actions in testimony taking. They say Maxwell and Epstein often sexually abuse girls in the guise of massage. Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

In New Mexico, she testified that Epstein and Maxwell watched a movie with Annie. Annie said she saw “primitive horror” including sexual abuse of pedophile priests and altar boys and teenage girls.

The cinema where Maxwell and Epstein took Annie was in the mall, and she noticed that Epstein and Epstein behaved immaturely there. Two adults were joking, and Maxwell dropped Epstein’s trousers at some point. Annie testified that it was “strange.”

Annie said she thought watching a movie in New Mexico would be different from going out with Epstein in New York because of Maxwell. However, she testified that Epstein touched her through the film, grabbed her hand and caressed her arms and legs.

When they returned to the ranch after the movie, Maxwell told Annie to massage Epstein’s feet, and she testified that she obeyed despite her feeling “uncomfortable.” .. Then Annie said, Maxwell told her she would massage Farmer personally.

Maxwell set up a massage table in the bedroom where Annie was staying and told her to completely undress under the seat on the table, Annie testified. During the massage, Maxwell told her to turn over and lie on her back, at which point Maxwell pulled down the seat and touched her chest, Annie said.

“I was a little frozen when she lowered the seat,” she testified. “I wanted to finish the massage.”

Annie said Maxwell kept the door open during the massage and believed that Epstein could see her topless.

“He said he wanted to hug me.”

The morning after the massage, Annie said that she “jumped into the room” when Epstein woke up.

“He said he wanted to hug,” she testified. “So he went to bed with me.”

Epstein caressed Annie and put her arms around her, she said. Her voice broke at the witness’s stand, Annie said she had to go to the bathroom and told Epstein that she had slipped off the bed. She realized she was alone in a house with essentially two strangers and said she was waiting in the bathroom until Epstein was gone.

“I wanted a week to pass,” Annie said.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell has heard defendant lawyer Bobby Sternheim make an opening statement.Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

She told the jury that Maxwell and Epstein’s actions against Annie were part of a “pattern that disrupted my boundaries.” The pair asked what she believed was “right or wrong” in “the ultimate goal of sexually abusing me,” she testified.

When she returned to Arizona after her trip to New Mexico, Annie wrote nothing about the weekend in her diary.

“I really wanted to get it out of my head,” Annie testified.

Her mother also testified that her daughter was “very quiet” and “withdrawn” when she picked up Annie from the airport after the trip. Swain later tried to talk to her daughter about what happened during the trip, but Annie repeatedly said she didn’t want to go into it.

“She always said,’I’m not going to ruin my life,’ Swain testified.

Annie said she accepted funding from Epstein to go on a cultural service trip to Vietnam and Thailand that summer. She thought it would be useful for college applications. However, she testified that she had not seen Epstein or Maxwell at any time after receiving the funds.

She said she didn’t tell anyone about her experience in New Mexico. In the fall, I disclosed information to my boyfriend, David Mulligan.

Mulligan told the court that she had told him what happened on her trip to New Mexico after Annie started dating. Annie described Maxwell as a “very attractive and pretty” person who greeted her and shopped, Mulligan said. But he said Maxwell’s massage made his ex-girlfriend feel “terrifying, awkward, and helpless.”

Annie told the jury that her experience with Maxwell and Epstein was “very upset and confused,” and for a long time she “did not want to think about it,” but it was “many times.” Appears many times. “

“At some point I felt unavoidable,” Annie said. “If I could help accountability, or stop these people, it would be worth it in some way.”

“I hope here that Ghislaine Maxwell will be held accountable for the harm she caused,” she added.

In her testimony, Annie talked about how she kept the $ 100 cowboy boots that Epstein bought while shopping with Maxwell. In the opening statement at the beginning of the trial, Maxwell’s lawyer Bobby C. Sternheim proved that the fact that she had boots did not mean that Annie was “hurt by what happened.” Stated.

Annie said she pushed her boots behind the closet when she returned to Arizona, but a few years later she dusted them and started wearing them.

“It was a dark memory. I was being used. By using boots, I somehow changed it. Somehow I got it back,” she added.

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