ER doctor charged with a patient’s battery that he thought was “counterfeiting” her condition

LEESBURG — ER Doctor UF Health Leesburg He was arrested and charged with a three-count battery after being repeatedly beaten on a patient he believed he was forging their medical condition.

Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko was arrested Wednesday and booked on Lake County Prison with a bail set at $ 3,000. Since then, he has deepened his bond.

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Leesburg Police Department responded to the incident around 8:15 am on Wednesday

According to the arrest affidavit, Nuwabco sought to confirm the suspicion that the patient was forging by grabbing her hand and repeatedly beating her face. Nwabuko left the room when the patient did not respond to it. He then returned two more times and used her hand to hit her face many times.

The second time, according to the affidavit, the victim’s IV line was torn from his left arm and bleeding across the face and chest area. She also suffered significant swelling, redness, and bruising in her eyes.

One witness told police that Nuwabuko laughed and ridiculed the patient’s condition and continued to beat the patient until the nursing staff intervened and disbanded.

Another witness told police that it was common practice to hold the patient’s hand over his face and drop it to make sure it was not counterfeited. If the patient is alert, move or stop his hands to avoid hitting his face.

But in this case, that didn’t happen, the affidavit said. Witnesses said they saw the victim physically resisting Dr. Nuwabco’s actions, but he began to get angry and beat him harder.

This article was originally published in a daily commercial: Leesburg Police: Doc hits a patient who thought he was a fake with his own hands

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