Eric Adams expects leads to narrow after voting for the first ranked option in New York City mayoral elections

New York-Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams, Former police captain narrowed his lead on Tuesday New York City Mayor’s race After the first calculation of the vote for the ranked choices has been released.

The· Partial result Although it shows that Adams barely borders Kathringalcia at the end of the 11 exclusion rounds, a complete and certified vote count has not yet been released and tens of thousands of mail-voting votes are counted.

Voters can choose up to five candidates by voting for the first ranked choice in the New York Mayor’s primary. If no candidate orders a majority of the votes cast for the first candidate, the votes will be redistributed during the exclusion process.

Adams was the first to sit in 29% of the first-choice votes, as a partial result of the Democratic primary. Maya WileyFormer lawyer of Mayor Bill de Blasio was second with 20%, and Garcia, a former head of the hygiene department, was third with 18%.

After 10 exclusion rounds knocking off candidates who won fewer votes in a crowded area, Adams remained first with 41% of the redistributed votes, Garcia second with 30%, and Wiley 29%. It was the third.

Wily’s elimination after Round 10 pushed Garcia to 49% of the redistributed votes, but Adams still maintained his lead at 51%.

The new tally is a calculation of the first ranked electoral votes announced in the election and consists only of face-to-face votes held early and on election days. Over 124,000 There was a vote by mail As of Monday, but not yet counted To the ranked voting system By the City Election Commission.

Adams received more than 368,000 votes in the final round, and Garcia received more than 352,000 votes. By then, about 220,000 votes had been “used up.” That is, these voters were not ranked in either Adams or Garcia.

Former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang hoped for the mayor and remained in fourth place in the calculation of ranked choices. He admitted after the partial election night returned.

More complete results from some mail ballots may be announced soon next Tuesday. Some estimates do not know the winner until mid-July.

Details of New York Election Results: Eric Adams leads, but New York Mayor’s race has not been decided

Mechanism of ranked elective voting in New York City

If a candidate wins 50% of the votes cast by the first candidate, that person is the winner. Since that didn’t happen, the ranked preferential voting process begins.

In a series of exclusion rounds, the candidate with the lowest number of votes for the first option is eliminated, and the candidate’s votes are redistributed based on how the voters ranked their preferences. This process continues until there are two candidates left, with the one with the most votes winning.

New Yorker voted for a voting initiative in 2019, enacting a vote of options ranked in the mayor and many other primary and special elections.

This system is used in Oakland, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Proponents said a preferential vote would better capture voters’ preferences and could be less expensive than a final vote.

Without the ranked options, the city would probably be waiting for a final vote, which could cost millions of dollars, said Susan Lerner, executive director of the Common Cause / New York.

Exit poll From Lerner’s group, we found that voters are using the new system. Over 80% of voters ranked at least two candidates in the mayor’s primary, and over 40% ranked five candidates.

Lerner emphasized that the delay in results was not due to preferential voting, but to state law that counts absentee votes and protects voters’ rights when they can “cure” ballot deficiencies.

“Democracy takes time and it’s important that every vote is important. The exact result is worth the wait,” she said.

Mayor candidate Eric Adams is mixed with supporters at an election night party in New York late Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Mayor candidate Eric Adams is mixed with supporters at an election night party in New York late Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Other I was watching closely Elections using ranked elective voting included competition between the city’s accounting auditors and several city council seats.

Only two candidates appeared in the Republican primary. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa wins the nomination and will face the Democratic winner in November. Democratic primary winners are likely to win the general election, given the city’s overwhelming majority of Democratic voters.

Eric Adams: Police Reformer with Public Security Message

Focused on Adams campaign Honestly on addressing Crime in the city.In New York, we didn’t see as many shootings as during the peak of crime in the 1980s and 1990s, but about 50% increase compared to last year..

As a former NYPD captain, Adams, 60, Regularly He pointed out his police experience on the campaign trail and called for a stronger police presence in crime-prone areas and a refocus on illegal guns.

Adams has a long history of advocating police reform. He often cites his experience of being beaten by the New York Police Department as a teenager as an incentive to join the department and change from the inside out.

In the 1990s, he formed 100 blacks at the law enforcement agency Who Care. This is an advocacy group aimed at combating racial profiling and police atrocities while regaining trust among black residents.

If elected, he will be the city’s second black mayor.Wiley, who is also black, or Garcia is in the city First woman elected mayor..

Bruce Berg, Professor of Political Science, Fordham University New York City politics specialist, About Adams’ moderation and balance Problem of Crime and police reforms have made him an attractive candidate To some voters..

The· New York Times We have released a map of the first candidate’s vote showing how the candidates have progressed in each district. Garcia has won most of Manhattan. With a high proportion of whites and wealthy voters in Manhattan, Adams found much of his support among blacks and Latino and low-income areas in the cities of Brooklyn and Bronx.

Garcia mainly Sharing a crime message similar to Adams, Wiley advocated diversion of some money from police and reinvestment in homeless and mental health services.

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