Eric Greatens was the largest donor to own the Senate campaign.State Declaration Raises Danger Signal

One donor accounts for more than half of the money raised so far by former Missouri Governor Eric Greatens’ US Senate campaign.

Eric Greatens.

His campaign raised $ 27,313, according to a submission to the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

More than half It was in the form of a $ 18,000 in-kind donation To himself for his website,, it was turned into a site for the Senate campaign last month.

The Greatens report covers only the last week of March and does not necessarily represent the range of resources he has at his disposal, but it is the beginning of an ominous round of funding. For Candidates Launched Nationwide on Fox News And it was developed with a series of attention-grabbing support.

Republicans total about one-tenth of what Democrat Lucas Kunse raised in the first quarter of the 2022 cycle.

The campaign also reported a cost of just over $ 18,000 — almost all of which are the same in-kind donations to the website. The campaign has over $ 9,000 in cash at hand.

Greitens was favored by an independent dark money group during his short tenure as a candidate for governor in 2016.

he Resigned in 2018 Faced with multiple scandals, including allegations of sexual extortion and assault that were deemed credible by the Republican-led legislative committee.

He still maintains a state campaign account of over $ 6 million, but is prohibited from using it for Senate candidacy under state and federal campaign rules.

However, Greitens State Report submitted to the Missouri Ethics Commission on Thursday Raise some warning signs.

The state campaign paid $ 1,200 for a strategic plan in February to The Octavian Group, a Washington consulting firm owned by Greites Senate campaign manager Dylan Johnson.

Johnson has not received payment from the federal campaign, according to the FEC report. He did not respond to the email on Thursday.

The Greatens State Commission also spent $ 7,500 on media services in March, just before the Senate campaign officially launched.

Brendan Fisher, director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center, said in an email: Expenses must be reported in the candidate’s first FEC report. Donations paid for these costs must also be reported to FEC. “

The Independent Guard Dog, Campaign Legal Center, filed a FEC complaint against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2019 for using his mayor’s campaign account to investigate the presidential election.

“Sounds like the De Blasio situation can be similar to Greitens,” Fisher said.

The Greatens state campaign faced a $ 178,000 fine from the Missouri Ethics Commission last year for breaching election funds.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a rival to the Republican nomination, announced his candidacy the same week as Greatens, but did not formally form a campaign committee until April, so until July. Do not report campaign spending.

Both Republicans will speak at the Reagan-Lincoln Day Supper of the Jackson County Republican Commission on Saturday in Bruce Springsteen.

Democratic Lucas Kunse, who also started his candidacy in March, has significantly surpassed Greitens after sending numerous fundraising petitions in a text message.

Kunce raised over $ 280,000 this quarter, spent $ 87,000 and then has over $ 194,000 in cash on hand.

However, most of Kunce’s funding comes from outside Missouri, and 89% of his itemized donations come from outside the state.

Ben Wieder of McClatchy contributed to this report.