Eric Swalwell says he hired a private detective to find Mo Brooks and file a proceeding

Congressman Eric Swalwell (Democratic Party-California) hired a private detective to respond to a proceeding alleging that he and other Trump supporters were responsible for it, and Rep. Mo Brooks (Representative Mo Brooks) Republican Party, Alabama) was searched. Capitol Riot..

Leading the news: according to it Submission to court Swalwell’s lawyer Wednesday, Brooks Avoid being served The proceedings continue without a reply to their phone or email.

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  • “Plaintiff had to use the services of a private detective to serve Brooks personally. Under normal circumstances it was a difficult task and the defendant instigated a riot in the Capitol on January 6th. That made it even more complicated, “the lawyer wrote.

  • Investigators have “spent a lot of time over the days” in the search for Brooks since April, they added.

Important reason: The proceedings Swolwell also submitted Donald Trump Jr. and Rudolph Giuliani oppose former President Trump, claiming that Brooks instigated the riots in a speech at a rally in Washington, DC, before the riots broke out on January 6. Yes.

Opposite side: I couldn’t contact the Brooks representative right away. After filing a lawsuit in March He tweeted The accusations were “flirty” and “ruthless.”

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