Eric Trump told his father “I love you” on stage.It did not work

Clip Eric Trump Calling his father from the stage of a political rally is infected with the virus because the former president’s reaction to his son’s saying he loves him is a little slow.

Donald TrumpHis second son was speaking at the ReAwaken America Tour in Canton, Ohio on Friday when he decided to call his father in response to an enthusiastic response from the audience.

“Dad, there is a lot of love in this room for this country and for you and everything you have accomplished,” Eric said. “And uh, I speak here on behalf of each and every one. They love you, I love you, we are proud of you.”

Elder Trump didn’t send back his love, but “Thank you very much. Everyone has a good weekend. I’m going to Ohio soon. See you all.”

Twitter users quickly imitated very good performance and cold response.

“This is not only sad, but pathetic,” wrote one. “Parents, make sure your kids know they are loved. Don’t let your kids beg for your love and attention.”

Another tweet: “Appropriate response to my son who says” I love you “-and I go out on unstable limbs here …” … “I love you”.

Others had some sympathy for Eric. (It is possible, and there is endless contempt.) “

“I can imagine how Eric feels.”

“The only reason daddy gets this call is the crowd,” said one Twitter user.

One of the details obtained from the extended video clip is that Eric lists his father on his cell phone as “Dad — POTUS”.

Other speakers at the event included conspiracy theorists Alex Jones, lieutenant general Michael Flynn, and Trump Loyalist celebrities such as My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell.

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