“Eternals” introduces important characters to the MCU. Here’s what you need to know about its major split screens:

Eternals Makkari and Tena

Makkari and Tena meet two newcomers at the end of “Eternals”. Marvel Studios

  • Warning: There is a huge spoiler in front of “Eternals”.

  • The post-credit scene introduces relatives of major MCU characters.

  • Here’s what you need to know about the amazing new additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“”Eternals“There may be Mixed review, But the movie is easy MarvelThe best end-credits scene, thanks to the surprise cameo that excited the audience at the world premiere.

This is your last chance to get back in front of spoilers.



Welcome to the MCU, Harry Styles!!

NS First of two end credit scenes In “Eternals,” the “Adore You” singer walks the screen in red and white costumes, making Tena (Angelina Jolie), Druig (Barry Keoghan), and Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) cute. When I introduced it, I achieved great results. An important player in the expanding universe: Thanos’ sexy younger brother, Eros.

Eros, unlike his companions, is not purple. In fact, he looks like Harry Styles in a superhero costume.

Harry Styles as Star Fox

There is no official photo of Harry Styles as Starfox, but this is basically She-Hulk on his arm, except for what he looks like as a hero. Marvel Comics, Jay L. Klendenin / Los Angeles Times, Getty Images / Composite by Kirsten Acuna / Insider

The crowd at the world premiere where the insider attended and the scene debuted on October 18th went Look wild in style Deafening screams and cheers are flying around. It was the most noisy crowd got all night during the movie.

Unfortunately, as a Styles cameo you might have ruined a big moment for you did not do it Please keep it secret It’s been a long time since the movie’s social embargo was lifted that night.

So who is Eros and how does he fit into an advancing MCU? Keep reading everything we know about Styles Marvel characters.

When and how did Harry Styles appear on the MCU?

Harry Styles will perform on stage during the first day of 2019 Capital's Jingle Bell Ball.

Lauren Ridloff told insiders that he shot the post-credit scene with Harry Styles in January 2021. Isabelle Infantes-PA Images / Getty Images

Once you’ve overcome the shock of style entering the MCU, you’ll probably wonder a few things.

  • How do you like it this A man related to Thanos?

  • Is this charming man good, or does his demonic good look like a trap? What is his deal?

  • how are you However Are you hearing about Thanos’ hot brothers now? It seems convenient. (Reminder: This isn’t shocking, as Thanos wasn’t the dad of the year for Gamora and Nebula.)

  • What is the role of style in future MCUs?

  • How did Marvel get Harry Styles into the MCU?

Take these one at a time.

I don’t yet know the complete answer to the last question, but while talking to the insider about “Eternals,” Ridlov said the scene was filmed during the January reshoot, “they added that scene. I was shocked when I did, because I didn’t even know exactly what I was shooting until I got to the set for the day. “

The Styles cameo was kept secret, as expected in Marvel’s end-credits scene.

If you’re a big fan of style, you might not have been so surprised to see the singer appear in the movie. For months, fans have been gathering clues, Guess that a superstar may appear in a movie in a secret role..

Backup-Does Thanos have siblings? And does he look like Harry Styles?

Thanos and Harry Styles

These two are brothers. Marvel Comics, Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Yes. Yes.

In comics, Thanos has a younger brother named Eros, who first appeared in the 1973 Iron Man comics. “Invincible Iron Man” No. 55.. (In his comic debut, Eros was actually purple, like Thanos.)

Eros is a kind of painful place for Thanos, which is probably why I’ve never heard of him before. The two are basically the opposite.

According to comic folklore, Eros and Thanos were born into a group of Eternals who lived on Saturn’s moon Titan. In the MCU, Titan is not Saturn’s moon, but another planet in the solar system destroyed by overpopulation. But when Thanos was born, he didn’t look like any other devout eternals. His anger and resentment towards being born differently put him on the course to starve him for power and conquer the universe, This was done in the early phase of the MCU.

Interestingly, Styles shares some pretty mysterious similarities with the comic version of Eros.

What is an Eros transaction?Unlike his brother, he is a hero (and a little CAD) who becomes a member of The Avengers

Harry Styles as Star Fox

Harry Styles is very similar to Eros. Marvel Comics, Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

In comics, Eros is also an eternity that can control the emotions of others, similar to the power of the movie Druig. In the “Eternals” end-credits scene, he and his companion Pip the Troll appear to be teleporting to the Domo ship to meet Tena, Druig, and Makkari.

Over the years, Eros has worked with a variety of heroes, including The Avengers, to help defeat his brother and Ultron. When he joined The Avengers, he was given the superhero name Star Fox. (Eros already has that Monica, so the MCU looks like it’s heading in a different direction.)

He is a hero and will help you if needed, but from the bottom of his heart he loves to travel for adventure and romance (the moment he introduces himself, a fascinating flirtation with Tena). You may have noticed).

Eros partying with a woman at She-Hulk No.6

Eros can be seen partying with women in She-Hulk No. 6 since 2005. Marvel comics

In fact, he has some legal issues, as Eros is a continuous flirt and party boy (he’s probably getting along with the early MCU Thor) and enjoys socializing with women so much. Is involved in.

In comics, the method of feminization of Eros is not always successful

2005 “She-Hulk” comics, Star Fox was accused of sexually assaulting a married woman and three mothers by using his power to seduce her. Throughout the comic, he doesn’t take the case seriously, even if he uses his power to force witnesses and juries to give way. In comics, his power is likened to a “date rape drug” when used by women.

Eros Trial Marvel Comics

Eros uses his power to manipulate a woman during his trial. Marvel comics

She-Hulk (Who gets the show on Disney +) Was his lawyer until he remembered when Star Fox might have used his power she To lead to a romantic encounter (although she later knew their relationship was agreed). Star Fox tries to escape, but he can no longer use his charm to anyone because it wasn’t before She-Hulk hit him and made him nauseous.

As a result, Star Fox’s father, Mentor, was dissatisfied with how the court proceedings were proceeding and teleported his son from Earth to avoid allegations of sexual assault, and Eros tried him in the trial. Whatever you think you can use against will continue on your home planet where you can use it. During the trial, it was revealed that Thanos tampered with Eros’s brain, which affected his power (a convenient scapegoat). After the trial, the power of Eros is removed-anyway, for a while.

It would be interesting to see if the MCU decided to tackle such a story, or if it completely ignored this part of Eros’s problematic cartoon history. It doesn’t feel like the kids that the MCU explores. Moreover, Thanos is dead, at least on the current timeline.

How does Star Fox fit into Marvel’s future? He was able to connect with some familiar faces.

Captain Marvel and Kang

In the comics, Star Fox knew Marvel and Kang. Does this version know Captain Marvel? Marvel Studios

There are some connections that Starfox may already have connected to the MCU.

In the comics, Star Fox is a friend of Captain Marvel, also known as Marvel (played by Annette Bening in “Captain Marvel”). The Styles version of Star Fox may know Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. In “Avengers: Endgame,” she told Black Widow and others that she was busy helping many other places affected by Thanos during the blip.

During that time, did she cross the road with Star Fox? Both share a little free spirit for adventure.

Another possibility is that Star Fox may have something to do with Kang (Jonathan Majors), Recently introduced in Disney +’s “Loki” series.. In the comics, the two met in the distant future, and Eros used some of Kang’s time travel techniques to go back in time and unite various races with Thanos. Here, Eros may go back in time to unite races (humans, deviants, eternity) in the fight against Celestial.

At the end of “Eternals,” Star Fox seems to have some knowledge of Celestial and how to deal with Alishem, the leader who kidnapped Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo.

Eternal celestial body Alichem

Is Star Fox trying to beat Celestial? Marvel Studios

It’s unclear how Star Fox knows about the trio and where to find the other three eternals in the domo of the universe. But if he’s back in time, it’ll explain how he knew exactly where to find Domo and why he’s speeding up in Alichem.

Star Fox has also made some break-ins with the Guardians of the Galaxy.In comics he especially formed a group Called the Dark Guardian, Nebulae were included to prevent the resurrection of Thanos (yes, the cartoon will be wild).He also spent some time with character Adam Warlock A person played by Will Poulter in James Gunn’s “Guardians of Galaxy Vol.3”. You can read more about Warlock, Click here if you were teased by “Got G Vol.2” in 2017..

I have to guess, but somewhere in 2023’s “Got G Vol. 3”, Star Fox may appear as an end credit scene.

For more information on Pip the Troll and the second end credit scene, you can read below Here is a breakdown of both “Eternals” scenes When Movie reviews here..

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