Ethics Commissioner calls for suspension of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Quebec over conflict

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon will respond to opposition during a Q & A session in the Quebec City Parliament. (The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot)

The Quebec Ethics Commissioner recommends suspending economic minister Pierre Fitzgibbon from the state legislature because of an ongoing conflict of interest.

In a report submitted today, Ariane Mignolet said in a report submitted today that Fitzgibbon would continue to hold shares in two government-affiliated companies, ImmerVision and White Star Capital Canada, to benefit the ethical code of the elected members. He states that he has repeatedly refused to comply with the conflict clause.

Mignolet recommends suspending Fitzgibbon from Congress until Fitzgibbon sells those shares or resigns from his role as minister and puts those shares in a blind trust.

The suspension must be approved by the parliament, in which the governing coalition Avenir Quebec holds a majority of seats.

Fitzgibbon was absent from Congress this morning.

Fitzgibbon faces four investigations by the Ethics Commission and was the first Quebec minister to be accused by the legislature of ethics in November.

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