EU drafting to prepare for the “worst day” Brexit protocol law


The EU has drafted a law aimed at strengthening the block’s move in taking action against the UK on possible violations of the UK’s EU withdrawal agreement and EU-UK trade agreement.

A few weeks after the UK government issued a law empowering the minister to revoke elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, it was with the UK as part of a Brexit withdrawal agreement to allow free flow across the borders of Irish land. The EU has jointly agreed.

Ireland’s Fine GaelMEP South Se├ín Kelly appointed lead author in final decision on bill to consider measures included in post-Brexit trade agreements on what retaliation measures can be taken if one side fails to comply with its obligations. it was done.

“Basically, we put the steps they would take if they continued on this path at the table and give the committee an opportunity to do that,” he told PA News Agency. ..

“They will understand that there is no confusion here, we are not bluffing, there are consequences when you cross the Rubicon.”

Kelly said Britain under Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become an “unreliable diplomatic partner” and the EU needs the right tools to protect itself.

“The UK hasn’t come to the table, and they’re playing games for political reasons,” Kelly said.

“They pretend to be able to solve everything and that’s not a big deal. It can break international law and it’s not a big deal. They’re in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, with a majority in favor of the Protocol. You can ignore the result, it’s not a big deal, “he added.

“I hope, and I almost believe Britain will withdraw from the brink.”

He said negotiations on the red and green lanes would continue if Britain withdrew the introduction of a law to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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Taken November 13, 2019, this illustration shows a puzzle with EU and British flags printed on it. (DadoRuvic / Illustration / Reuters)

When asked if the EU expects this one-sided response from Britain after years of Brexit negotiations, Kelly said, “You are a kind of … but a responsible government owns. I thought it was a little too extreme to break the word. “

“‘Regaining control’ was a great phrase that didn’t mean anything,” Kelly added.

The draft regulation establishes rules and procedures for managing EU rights under both Brexit Agreements. This, if triggered, could lead to the suspension of certain obligations under the relevant agreement.

“In the event of a breach of the agreed trade terms, this regulation gives the Commission the power to impose restrictions on trade, investment, or other activities within the scope of the trade cooperation agreement,” he said. rice field.

“The House of Commons bill requires a couple of hearings and can be time consuming, so if a doomsday scenario occurs, we will be finalized in sufficient time and they will be me. You will know where we are standing. “

The European Council and the European Parliament then need to approve the actions to be taken.

This was when the European Commission controversially proposed in early 2021 that Article 16 of the Protocol could be invoked in response to a dispute with the United Kingdom over the supply of the COVID-19 vaccine. He said it would prevent further “mistakes”.

“According to the treaty, everything will be on the board so that it doesn’t happen on this occasion,” he said.

When asked about reports of EU “hit lists” of tariffs that would hurt key member Johnson, Kelly said he had never heard of it.

“I’m very skeptical if it’s the way, but [tariffs] It must be comprehensive and treated equally.

“At this point, it’s going to be difficult to do, and maybe a little trivial,” he said.

When the bill is completed in the coming weeks, the European Parliament’s report on the new regulation will be presented for voting by the Commission before proceeding to full plenary session voting.

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