EU executives urge vaccinated tourists to reopen in summer

Brassels — The European Commission suggested on Monday that vaccinated people should be exempt from testing and quarantine when traveling from one EU country to another, and COVID-19 vaccination As it accelerated, it encouraged gradual relaxation of travel measures.

Earlier this month, the EU reached an agreement on a COVID-19 certificate that indicates via a QR code whether a person has been vaccinated, immunized based on recovery from infection, or recently tested negative. The plan should be ready by July 1st.

European Union (EU) executives are trying to end the current block-wide travel response patchwork, but on Monday, tests and quarantine will apply to those who have been fully vaccinated 14 days before travel. Said that it should not be done.

About half of EU adults are first vaccinated.

Those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection must be exempt from the 180-day limit. The Commission also suggested that the more reliable but more expensive PCR test should be valid for 72 hours and the rapid antigen test should be valid for 48 hours.

Children who are not yet in the vaccination line do not need to be quarantined when traveling with exempt parents. Those over 6 years old can be examined.

The Commission also included an “emergency brake” to re-impose measures on travelers from areas with high levels of infection and specific viral variants.

The Commission’s suggestion is that traveling from “dark red” areas, where more than 150 COVID-19 cases occur per 100,000 people in 14 days, is “highly discouraged.” ..

Currently, only Malta is green.

The proposals submitted to EU member states are similar to those already agreed on for travelers from outside the block of vaccinated travelers and travelers from “safe” countries, but the tests continue to apply. I can do it.

Philip Blenkinsop

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