EU Frontex Border Agency fails to meet its obligations

Brussels — The European Union’s border and coast guard have been given additional duties, including playing a greater role in the deportation of migrants when they are unable to even fulfill the obligations they were ordered to carry out five years ago. The European Union has warned on Monday.

Blocks in 27 countries began to strengthen Frontex after more than one million migrants entered Europe in 2015, overwhelming reception centers and causing a serious political crisis as to who should be responsible for it. Desperately tested the new immigration policy. The controversy continues today.

Frontex will be the largest and most funded EU institution with approximately 10,000 employees and an annual budget of approximately € 900 million ($ 1.1 billion). As of 2005, the institution had 45 staff.

In a report on the work of institutions helping EU countries manage Europe’s external borders, Chief Auditor Leo Brincat told reporters: responsibility. “

Auditors said Frontex’s support for EU member states was “insufficient to combat illegal immigrants and cross-border crime.”

Refugees and migrants arrive in Dinghy with a Frontex ship
Refugees and migrants arrived in the village of Skala Sikaminias on the island of Lesvos, Greece, in a dinghy with a frontex ship on February 28, 2020, after crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey. (Michael Rose Class / AP Photo)

A year after hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the conflict in Syria fled to Europe, EU countries and the European Commission will formally establish Frontex as the European Border and Coast Guard in 2016. Agreed on mission.

Its main mission is to control unauthorized entry of migrants crossing the EU’s external borders, reduce cross-border crimes, respect basic rights and allow people to enter the European ID check free zone. It was to continue to be able to move freely after that.

The updated 2019 Directive established a permanent corps that will expand to 10,000 officers by 2027. Frontex can now deploy border guards in countries outside the EU. Or I transited and arrived in Europe.

According to Brincat, the auditor found that “Frontex was biting (off) more than it could bite” even before these additional tasks were set up.

“They experienced too many changes too early, but now I think they’re paying for it,” he said. “They have enhanced their mission without actually analyzing the impact of their performance and work.”

Brinkat also fears that in some EU countries, the best border guards and customs officers may be drawn to Frontex jobs, depleting national stockpiles and forcing costly recruitment activities. Said that it is.

“Member states not only haven’t been given enough backup from Frontex, but they also feel that Frontex is depleting its resources,” he said.

Frontex spokesman Chris Borowski admitted that the agency “has undergone major transformations that will challenge any organization, especially in the era of the COVID pandemic,” despite the difficulties. Continues to commit to the mission.

“Frontex recognizes the need for improvement and is working hard to make the agency more powerful and effective. Unfortunately, many of the issues raised are: It is related to external factors that are beyond the control of the authorities, “said Borowski.

He said “the cooperation of Frontex, the European Commission, and national authorities is needed” to implement the auditor’s recommendations.

Frontex has been accused of “pushing back” immigrants, preventing people from entering the country to exercise their right to apply for asylum. The agency has denied involvement. Investigation did not find any evidence of this, but revealed a “monitoring and reporting failure” in Frontex.

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