EU is preparing new Russia sanctions package, von der Leyen says

HELSINKI — The European Union is advancing a ninth package of sanctions against Russia in response to Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday in Finland. said during a visit to

At a press conference, Foreign Minister von der Leyen said: “We are working hard to attack Russia, it is difficult to further slow down our ability to wage war with Ukraine, and today we are going full speed ahead with the ninth sanctions package. We can announce that we are working on

“And I am confident that together with the G7 and other key partners, we will soon approve a global price cap for Russian oil. We will rest until Ukraine wins Putin and his illegal and barbaric war. never,” she said.

Von der Leyen did not provide details on what the new EU sanctions could include.

The union last month finalized an eighth round of sanctions against aggression, including further restrictions on trade in steel and high-tech products.

At a joint press conference with the Finnish and Estonian prime ministers and the Swedish deputy prime minister, von der Leyen said that Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, such as its electricity supply, amounted to war crimes.

“We also know that our Ukrainian friends will overcome this strategy, because they are strong, their cause is just, and we, the EU, will, in this very difficult time, do whatever it takes. I support them,” she said.

The European Parliament on Wednesday designated Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, arguing that Russia’s military strikes on Ukrainian civilian targets such as energy infrastructure, hospitals, schools and shelters violate international law.

Russia denies deliberately targeting Ukrainian civilians, but admits to a campaign of strikes against power and other infrastructure that would degrade Kyiv’s combat capabilities and prompt negotiations. Russia suggests that it does.

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