EU Parliament meets Taiwan Prime Minister on first official visit

Taiwan, Taipei-European Union parliamentarians met with the Taiwanese Prime Minister on Wednesday during the first official visit of the EU delegation to the autonomous islands amid threats from the Chinese administration.

Thirteen members of the EU Commission on Foreign Interference with the Democratic Process have visited Taiwan after the European Parliament passed a resolution last month calling for “strengthening political relations between the EU and Taiwan.”

“We are very geographically separated, but they share the same values ​​of freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, etc …. In that respect, we actually Is very intimate, “said Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang.

Su Tseng Chang
Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang (R) was near Rafael Glucksmann, chair of the Foreign Interference Commission, which leads a group of European Union parliamentarians, when he visited Taipei, Taiwan on November 3, 2021. I will give a lecture. )

The European delegation will also meet with President Tsai Ing-wen and Digital Minister Audrey Tang to visit Taiwanese think tanks and NGOs working on measures against disinformation.

The visit was in the midst of growing support for a democratic island that the Chinese Communist Party government claimed to force annexation as needed as part of its territory, and growing negative perceptions of Western nations about Beijing. Will be done. Taiwan is virtually an independent country, with its own army, democratically elected government, and constitution.

“Your democracy’s prosperity is horrifying and that’s why we’re so happy to be here,” said Raphaël Glucksmann, chairman of the Foreign Interference Commission. “You have shown that democracy can flourish in the region and that the authoritarian regime is not the future.”

In July, EU member state Lithuania accepted Taiwan’s request to open a representative office in the capital that would act as a de facto embassy. It also donated hundreds of thousands of vaccines to the island this year, causing dissatisfaction with the Chinese administration. In August, China resigned as Lithuanian ambassador in protest and expelled Lithuanian ambassador from Beijing.

In October, the EU Parliament resolved to pass a resolution on the Taiwan issue, noting tensions in the South China Sea.

A non-binding resolution passed with 580-26 votes and 66 abstentions calls on the EU to immediately take steps to establish a bilateral investment treaty with Taiwan. It also proposes a politically symbolic gesture to change the name of Taiwan’s representative office from Taiwan’s European Economic and Trade Office to Taiwan’s European Union Office.

The report also called on the Chinese administration to immediately end “the continued invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone,” saying that “the EU attaches great importance to the security of the Taiwan Strait.”

The Chinese administration has sent more and more fighters to the island in a long-term campaign of military harassment, at least since last year when Taiwan began releasing data.

The report reflected the position of the United States as Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently called on other members of the United Nations to support Taiwan’s independent participation in international groups.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia last week to strengthen cooperation with both countries.

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