EU Sanctions Commander Elite Iran, Seven Others Beyond 2019 Protests

Brussels — The European Union has imposed sanctions on eight Iranian commanders and police chiefs, including the head of the Elite Revolutionary Guard, over a deadly crackdown in November 2019, Brock said in the official journal on April 12. Said in.

The first EU sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses since 2013, as travel bans and asset freezes avoided angering Tehran in hopes of protecting the nuclear deal signed by world powers in 2015. is.

Their preparations were first reported by Reuters in March.

The block, which also struck three Iranian prisons due to asset freezes, blacklisted Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard, the most powerful and armed security force in the Islamic Republic.

“Hossein Salami was ordered to attend the session and use deadly forces to curb the November 2019 protest. Therefore, Hossein Salami is liable for serious human rights abuses in Iran. “There is,” said the EU.

The three sanctioned prisons include two prisons in the Teheran region, where the EU said the prisons detained after the 2019 protests were intentionally injured in boiling water and refused treatment. I did.

Approximately 1,500 people were killed during the two-week turmoil that began on November 15, 2019, according to tolls provided to Reuters by three Iranian Home Office officials at the time. The United Nations has stated that the total is at least 304.

Iran called the sacrifices made by sources “fake news.”

Iran, which has repeatedly refused to accuse the West of human rights abuses, has dismissed EU sanctions as “invalid.”

“In response, Iran includes all cooperation resulting from human rights negotiations and these consultations, especially in the areas of terrorism, drugs and refugees,” said Saeed Katibuzade, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. , Suspending comprehensive talks with the EU. “

On March 9, UN Special Rapporteur on Iran’s Human Rights Situation, Javaid Rehman, used deadly force during protests by Tehran and failed to conduct an appropriate investigation or blame anyone. He reported accusing it of not having it.

Other individuals subject to EU sanctions coming into force on April 12 include members of the Iranian hardline Basij militia under the command of the Revolutionary Guard Corps and their head, Gollum Reza Solei Mani.

Eight Iranians were first launched in 2011 and are now on the EU sanctions list for human rights abuses in Iran, including 89 and four groups. It also includes a ban on the export of equipment that could be used to crack down.

Diplomats said the sanctions had nothing to do with efforts to revive the nuclear deal, which the United States has withdrawn but is now seeking to rejoin. The deal made it difficult for Iran to accumulate the fissile material needed for a nuclear bomb in exchange for easing sanctions. This is a long-denied goal.

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