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For some American liberals, it’s almost reflexive gestures that want America to look more like Europe. There, medical care is provided on a more egalitarian basis, and college education is much cheaper, if not free. Sexual practices are more relaxed and gun ownership is rare. Religion is vestige, and radical nationalism is strictly taboo. The widespread European distress over Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump only confirmed what the American liberals knew. The old country was also their imaginary liberal American dreamland of the future.

How do you feel when Europe is clearly more right-wing than the United States?

That is not an unthinkable outlook. Britain currently has a Tory regime, Based on current polling Their position looks more and more secure.French centrist Emmanuel Macron If elections are held today, they may be re-electedHowever, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Coalition Party will vote much higher today in a one-on-one contest with Macron than in 2017.Italy’s fragile coalition Right-wing simultaneous may continue Of Matteo Salvini’s Fratelli Ditalia, derived from the Lega and Neo-fascists.

Even in Germany, where the 16-year rule of Christian Democratic Chancellor Angela Merkel is nearing its end, the next government is Again could be a CDU / CSU-led coalition, If there is no SDP in the center left, the reactivated center right FDP will be added to the Greens side in the “Jamaica Coalition”.

Of course, polls can change, they can change, and a single election does not mean a fundamental cultural change. However, the overall political situation in Europe has tended to the right for some time.Traditional left-wing parties after the financial crisis and subsequent austerity Began to collapse, And a more nationalist and far-right alternative to the mainstream — Germany’s AfD, France’s National Rally, Britain’s UKIP — has begun to emerge. The surge in immigrants following the collapse of Syria and Libya into the civil war was an additional source of fuel. These parties and movements, which are critical of the European Union, strongly opposed to immigrants, and often friendly to Russia, were initially and often still opposed by all mainstream parties, but the opposite was their opposition. It had little effect on stopping the growth of. Eventually, in countries like Hungary and Poland, they began to win elections and took over government power.

In Europe today, the most viable traditional parties are often the mainstream right-wing parties that have sought to adopt the issue of nationalist rights. A technical center for unifying the mainstream with respect to the right end. True left-wing parties, such as France’s Jean-Luc Melenchon and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party, are largely confused. Meanwhile, the far right continues to create new phenomena, Recently, Eric Zemmour of FranceBy being a nationalist even more than her, she surpasses Le Pen on the right.

If the result of all this fermentation is a political restructuring of Europe, including the far right, by reviving traditional conservatism with a more inward focus, it is for Europe and ultimately with the United States. Good for European relations. Oriented to national solidarity rather than global humanitarianism, open immigration, or the free market, Europe is where America can easily live, work, and trade. If the continent achieves greater political stability and democratic accountability as a result, most observers will find it much better to lie far to the right or fall into a civil war.

But it may be surprising that Americans even hear mid-European politicians like Emmanuel Macron. Blame them Because their “awakened” left wing weakened national solidarity. But they may need to get used to it. Nothing helps promote national unity more than foreign threats.And the establishment of American foreign policy China would prefer to be that threatIt makes much sense for Europe to turn inward and blame the harmful American impact on their social structure rather than the Chinese threat to Taiwan and the oppression of Uighurs.

The problem is that the American left Learn lessons from the end of their European cousins, And rethink their own approach to politics before facing a similar eclipse, downgrading cultural questions in favor of the bread and butter issue. Or perhaps, with Europe turning to the right, the American left will once again see its own promises in its own country away from Old World nationalism, culturally egalitarian, not as a necessary reimbursement for its own country. It is a sinful history whether to redefine the vision of the future, but it is expected that the promise peculiar to the United States will be realized.

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