Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine after the bombardment

The Ukrainian Zaporizhya nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, ignited early on Friday after being shot by Russia, the mayor of the nearby town of Energodal said.

The power plant is located in Enerhodar, a city along the Dnieper River, and accounts for a quarter of the country’s electricity generation.

Mayor of Enerhodar Dmytro Orlov Said on telegram According to the Ukrainian army has fought the Russian army Reuters translation.. He said there were casualties without giving details.

“The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is on fire as a result of the continuous enemy fire on the buildings and units of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant,” Orlov said. He said the attack was a threat to world security.

A power plant spokesman also announced a fire early Friday.

“The strike resulted in a fire at the nuclear power plant. Again, a strike by the Russian Federation forces on the Zaporizhya nuclear power plant resulted in a fire.” Andrey Tsuz saidA spokesman for the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, according to the Associated Press translation.

He warned at the power plant that “there is a real threat of nuclear danger.” “We demand that heavy weapons be stopped from firing in the energy block of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” a spokesman added.

Earlier, Ukrainian officials reported that Russian troops were stepping up efforts to seize plants and entered the town with tanks.

The Epoch Times could not verify the information on its own.

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Mimi Nguyen Lee


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