Evacuation of Western Australia ordered as a cyclone loom

In some parts of Western Australia, two tropical cyclones float near the state’s coast, so strong to strong winds are expected.

People on some islands and seas on the northwest coast of Western Australia were ordered to evacuate.

An emergency service late Friday told some residents of Exmouth Bay and Gascoigne Coast to prepare for stormy weather, which is expected to arrive on Saturday afternoons and evenings.

Tropical Cyclone Odette is expected to approach the northwestern tip of Western Australia on Saturday, with short-term strong winds from strong to strong in the afternoon.

Tropical Cyclone Seroha is expected to land between Carnarvon and Jurien Bay late Sunday or early Monday.

Anyone on the island between Coral Bay and Geraldton must evacuate by noon, including the Abrolos Islands. The fire department ordered on Saturday morning.

Anyone at sea must leave by 6 pm

If they cannot evacuate, they need to evacuate or seek a safe haven or harbor.

On Friday night, authorities also issued a blue warning to people south of Coral Bay to prepare for dangerous weather as Seroha approaches Geraldton, which does not include Coral Bay but contains Geraldton.

Further north, Coral Bay, Exmouth, and Cape Northwest are also warned to prepare for stormy weather.

Deputy DFES Commissioner Craig Waters said there were many vacationers in the affected areas, many of whom had never experienced a cyclone before.

“Recent rainfall and floods have already hit the northern half of Western Australia during the current cyclone season,” he said Friday.

“If you’re in a tent or caravan, you’re just not protected from the harmful winds that can hit the area.”

Some roads in the area are still under maintenance to repair the damage caused by the recent floods, according to Waters, and further damage could make the roads impassable for more than a few days. There is.


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