Evacuation orders spread to local government housing near Saskatchewan wildfire

The fire brigade will drop flame retardants from the air near a burning forest fire northeast of the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, on Monday, May 17, 2021. Some residents were forced to flee for safety. (Kayle Neis / The Canadian Press)

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan — Another evacuation order has been issued as a large wildfire continues to occur near the third largest city in Saskatchewan.

The state’s emergency communications center issued a warning this morning to the Berg district of the Garden River municipality, just outside Prince Albert.

The fire is said to threaten the inhabitants and they must leave the area immediately.

Residents who can leave the area on their own will be required to use Highway 2 South and go to the Margofurnier Center in Prince Albert to register.

The fire began about 4 km northeast of Prince Albert on Monday afternoon and continued to spread yesterday due to dry conditions and strong winds.

Later that day, a state of emergency was declared for Prince Albert and the Buckland Municipality.

It was not immediately clear how many more homes were affected by recent evacuation orders, but yesterday a fire expelled people from at least 50 homes.

About 40,000 cities, about 140 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon, aren’t strangers to wildfires, but Prince Albert’s mayor said yesterday that the flames were close to worrying.