Even Donald Trump wouldn’t have been able to confuse the development of Echo Park more.

Los Angeles, CA March 24, 2021-A sign is placed between homeless tents during a rally at Echo Park on Wednesday. Homeless advocates held a rally to prevent the closure of LA's largest self-owned homeless park.  (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

At a rally at Echo Park last week, a sign was placed between the homeless tents. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I am appalled by the abundant use of city and police resources To evict the inhabitants of Echo Park Lake A camp that was able to provide housing using the same resources last week.

LAHSA, service providers, and community organizations have contacted non-resident individuals living in Echo Park Lake to build confidence that these people will be moved to temporary housing for permanent housing. This process takes time.Instead, the councilor [Mitch] Offerel chose to use stealth military tactics to force the expulsion of uncontained residents at night.

The way it was done was cruel and unnecessary.

Currently, uncontained individuals are moved to a temporary project room key room and are re-evicted when the project room key runs out of funds.

Jane Demian, Los Angeles


To the editor: Donald Trump wouldn’t have been able to cause much more turmoil from the situation at Echo Park than the city of Los Angeles created. The mayor, city council, and police should all be ashamed of themselves.

Ralph S. Blacks, Lancaster


To editr: The mayor of the empty suit, who hates conflict, missed the opportunity to lead again at Echo Park. The mayor should have been able to discuss moving the tent to one of the city’s approved safe campsites with the uncontained Angelenos.

Yes Yes. None of them.

An increasing number of LA residents are fed up with weak leadership that expands the homeless situation. We are fed up with the huge piles of garbage on the riverbeds of parks and streams. We are fed up with local governments that seem confused because they do not meet the needs of unfortunate uninhabited residents. We’re particularly tired of spending huge amounts of money, but at best we get modest results.

Please be careful, the mayor. And you too, the city council. Please take the lead in fixing this issue. If you don’t, you’ll find some people who do. We are sick of it.

Roger Walton, North Hills


To the editor: Thank you for regaining Echo Park, Mitch O’Farrell!

The park is for everyone to enjoy, not for a few to take over. Don’t let a few loud and aggressive people threaten you.

The homeless solution is not to turn our parks, beaches, streets, and neighborhoods into tent cities. It’s not even an acceptable temporary solution. Do what you can for the homeless, but don’t ignore the majority in the process.

Terrell Cabrales, Atwater Village

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