Evergrande meetings get confused when investors threaten to pull a knife and commit suicide

An edited video showing a desperate investor facing Evergrande staff in the company’s financial problems Became viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo..

Conflict: A 10-minute video was released on September 29th Weibo By local news site Xing Tai Shen Bian Shi According to, who did not identify when and where the video was takeninsider..

  • In one of the videos, you can see a female investor wielding a knife and threatening to commit suicide in a conference room in front of Evergrande Wealth staff and others.

  • “”I don’t want to be interested in my investment. I just want to get my money back. This is what I have to tell you. If Evergrande Wealth doesn’t give me money today, I’ll commit suicide here, “she told the staff. “If this isn’t processed today, I’ll die here in front of you. All my retirement savings are in that investment. There’s nothing left to live.”

  • Another clip shows a group of people trying to block a car outside the company building.I can hear a woman crying And request an explanation In the video.

  • “”I have no choice but to do this, so I won’t listen to you, “she said.

  • Investors have been protesting outside the Evergrande since September 13th, according to Reuters.. At some point, about 100 people gathered outside the building and urged guards to form a human barricade to prevent them from entering.

Empire Collapse: China Evergrande Group has become the most debt-rich company in the world after its debt exceeds $ 300 billion. From years of borrowing.. The financial crisis also spilled over to Evergrande Wealth, the company’s wealth management division.

  • According to the Evergrande crisis, it affected the world market and the world of cryptocurrencies. TRT World.. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have reportedly fallen to their lowest levels since August, while Wall Street traditional stocks such as the S & P 500 and Nasdaq have reportedly suffered the largest daily decline since May. I did.

Featured image via Weibo

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