“Everything I care about can die at any time,” the Philippine president said, as he continues to brutally threaten unvaccinated people against vaccinated people.

Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Reuters / Ezra Acayan

  • The Philippine president continues to threaten those who reject the coronavirus vaccine.

  • He told people who didn’t want the vaccine: “For everything I care about, you can die at any time.”

  • He also said police could limit their movements because they had previously threatened to imprison them.

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The Philippine president said people who denied the coronavirus vaccine could die from the virus.

Rodrigo Duterte Wednesday national address: “For those who don’t want it, well, for everything I care about, you can die at any time.”

He also said he wanted police to limit the movement of people who refused the coronavirus vaccine. “For those who don’t want to be vaccinated, I’m telling you, don’t leave your home.”

“When you leave home, tell the police to bring you back to your home. You are a walking spreader, so you will be taken back to your home.”

Only 6% of the country is vaccinated, According to Reuters.

Duterte previously threatened to put people in jail Those who refuse to receive the coronavirus vaccine..

Supply delays also slowed immunization rates in some parts of the country, Bloomberg reported..

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