Ex-bride who called off her wedding shares 4 red flags to look out for during engagement

Daniel Norman called off engagement after six months.

British life coach Daniel Norman called off his engagement after six months.Daniel Norman, Kelsey Presswood/EyeEm

  • British life coach Daniel Norman told an insider that he called off his six-month engagement.

  • She dated her ex-boyfriend for five years and shared the red flags people should consider when getting engaged.

  • According to Norman, feeling sick during the proposal and not exploring “wedding anxiety” is a warning sign.

The former bride who called off her wedding shared engagement red flags that anyone considering tying the knot should look out for.

Daniel Normanthe British life coach discussed 5 things he would “never” do afterwards. get engaged and call off her wedding On TikTok, posted Aug. 4. Her advice for the clip, which has more than 591,100 views as of Thursday, includes not ignoring feeling physically unwell while proposing, and an engagement ring you don’t love. It includes things that you must not let someone else hold your .

Speaking to an insider, Norman, now in her 30s, said she was 25 when she called off her engagement. Norman added that she had been dating an ex since she was 19, whom she met through church.

“We’ve been together for about five and a half years, six months of which we were engaged.” When he got engaged, Norman said he didn’t want to marry him, realizing the relationship was toxic.

Given the world population review 2022 U.S. divorce rate statistics report that about 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Cherish the feeling at the time of proposal

At the top of Norman’s list on TikTok is how she felt physically sick when her ex proposed.

“I never ignore the fact that I felt physically sick when they proposed, or that the thought of actually getting married made me feel pretty nauseous,” she said in the clip.

Norman told an insider that she was confused by how nauseous she was feeling when her ex posed the question. I remember not being able to understand why.

“I felt like I had rocks tied to my ankles and I was about to be thrown into the lake,” she told Insider.

There’s a difference between ‘wedding anxiety’ and genuine suspicion

According to Norman, many people who begin to think they’re about to marry the wrong person after getting engaged tend to dismiss the idea as “wedding anxiety.”

Landis Bejar, Wedding Therapist and Founder Isle Talkpreviously told insider Samantha Grindel It’s normal to be nervous before a big turning point in your life..

There is a difference between wedding anxiety and what Norman went through.

There is a difference between wedding anxiety and what Norman went through.Daniel Norman

But Norman says there’s an important difference between nervous excitement and nervous anxiety.

From his own experience, Norman says that anyone who feels sick at a wedding and is unable to verbalize their feelings could benefit from counseling to understand if there is a deeper meaning behind it. He said he could.

“Go and talk to someone,” she said. “It would save a lot of time if people went to couples therapy.”

Not being able to discuss wedding nerves with your partner is a red flag

Once your fiancée starts feeling wedding angst, Norman said it’s the perfect time to have some real, and perhaps difficult, conversations with your partner.

“Be curious about what marriage means to you too. What will life be like? For example, what can you talk about? This is the person you can talk to. ?” she said. “If you can’t discuss your concerns with your partner, how can you discuss your children’s concerns?”

Norman added that it would also be a big mistake to think that a wedding would solve communication problems between partners.

“Don’t get married, hope it goes away when you get married,” she said.

Seeing an engagement ring as a status symbol is unhealthy

Norman said he wears his engagement ring in public almost like a status symbol, no matter how he feels about the possibility of marrying his ex-girlfriend.

Following her previous experience, she said on TikTok, “I never let someone pick out a ring and just let me say I have to keep doing it. case.

engagement ring

An engagement ring shouldn’t be a status symbol, says Norman.Grace Carey/Getty Images

Regardless of how she felt about her actual engagement ring, Norman now considers it unhealthy.

What the sentiment spoke of, she added, was the grave lack of identity she felt at the time. It states that everyone should consider whether they are actually masking the questions they have about their self-identity.

“Add material things to your life so that you can show who you are,” Norman said, adding that no one should rely on marriage to make sense of themselves. He added that he believed

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