Excessive heat is returning to Boise on Sunday. How hot will it be?


According to the National Meteorological Service, a few days after the slightly cooler weather, Boise’s fierce summer heat pattern will return this weekend.

The Boise office of the Meteorological Bureau Sunday to monday night.. According to the NWS forecast, temperatures are expected to reach 102 degrees on Sunday and 101 degrees on Monday.

And hot temperatures are not only in Boise, but in much of southern and western Idaho. Both Emmet and Mountain Home are expected to reach 105 degrees Celsius on Sunday. In Caldwell, it is expected to be 102.

“Currently there is a high-pressure ridge in the center of the Great Basin, but it will expand north from tomorrow to Monday,” NWS meteorologist Spencer Tangen told Idaho Legislature on the phone. He added that the direction of the wind blowing into the Treasure Valley shifts from west to southwest, bringing warm air from the desert climate.

During the extreme weather this summer, doctors Emergency precautions And recommended residents stay indoors during the hottest months and wear sunscreen and hydration outdoors.

The effects of wildfires continue to be seen

Smoke is also expected to continue hovering in the region as air from Oregon and California fires Continue to blow east and north..Most of the smoke currently in the sky in the Treasure Valley Northern California Dixie Fire, According to Tangen.

Smoke’s ability to block sunlight also caused the temperature to drop slightly earlier this week, demonstrating a relief from the nine days of over 100 degrees Celsius in Boise this month.

The highest temperature on Tuesday was 92 degrees Celsius. It was 91 on Thursday and 93 on Friday.

“Most of us have been below normal temperatures in the last few days, but as the heat gets hotter, we’ll be back in the frying pan this weekend,” NWS said. Tweet on friday..

An international team of climate experts announced earlier this month Burning heat waves in the Pacific Northwest At the end of June “Practically impossible” No impact of anthropogenic climate change.

At the end of next week, monsoon weather from the southwestern desert may bring rain to the region. From July 29th to August 2nd, for Boise 40% of precipitation above normal precipitation, According to the NWS.