EXCLUSIVE: Canadian Forces Keep ‘Core Function’ Vaccine Mandate, Abandon It for Others: Leaked Directive

According to a draft directive obtained by The Epoch Times, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) plans to retain the vaccine mandate for positions requiring high readiness and deployment, and withdraw it for other positions. There is

“As a result of our review of the current public health situation, particularly the evolution of the virus and the increasing CAF vaccination rates, the positions requiring members to be vaccinated against COVID-19 should be limited to those supporting core operational functions. has been decided to maintain the operational readiness described here,” said a directive from the Chief of Defense Staff dated 27 September.

Those supporting “core operational functions” include personnel assigned to forces or elements that need to be deployed in a short period of time.

The Directive addresses Special Operations High-Level Rapid Response Forces and Task Forces, Land Force Rapid Response Forces, Ready Ships and Standby Ships, Disaster Assistance Response Teams (DART), Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO), and NATO contributions. I am referring to and the United Nations, and contributions to multilateral partners.

Personnel not included above who require less than 45 days’ movement notice for placement in locations with no or limited access to medical care, or where vaccines are required for entry, are also fully to be vaccinated.

CAF members sent to work abroad on assignments such as within a Canadian diplomatic mission are not required to be vaccinated by their employers, but must comply with host country requirements.

Troops ready with more than 45 days’ notice of movement are not subject to vaccine mandates, but mandates may come into effect if they are ready or deployed in a war zone.

This means the mission remains valid for most soldiers who want to participate in the operation.

This directive requires some CAF schools and educational institutions, static units and headquarters, ceremonial units, Canadian Rangers, and non-deployed areas to be unprepared and have limited access to medical care. It says the mission will be withdrawn because of the reservists.

Future recruits will no longer need to be vaccinated to join the military, but they should be made aware that some positions and operations may require COVID-19 injections.

DND spokesperson Jessica Lamirande declined to confirm whether the release of the new directive is imminent.

“There is no scheduled timeline for potential changes regarding the CDS Directive,” she told the Epoch Times.

member release

The new directive does not apply to CAF members who are about to be released for failing to comply with previous vaccination policies.

“Administrative reviews related to previous COVID-19 policies … action should be taken on those for which release decisions were made by the Director of Military Career Management,” the draft policy said.

In the meantime, those under remedial action are spared, but the mark remains on file.

According to DND, the files of 449 CAF members are currently under administrative review, which, when completed, will lead to a dishonorable discharge under Code 5f and “unfit for future service.”

Corrective action has been initiated for 657 soldiers, according to DND.

As of 13 September, 108 soldiers in the regular army have been discharged primarily because of compulsory vaccinations, and 299 have been discharged for non-compliance with vaccination policies.

The number of reservists who have refused vaccination since the mandate took effect has not been made public, but the Epoch Times has confirmed that some have voluntarily quit because of the mandate.


The draft directive explains the rationale for CAF to change its authority. More than 96% of his members have had their first series of injections and say vaccination helps prevent serious consequences.

“This has resulted in very low hospitalization rates and less chance of serious consequences from infection. We are ready,” the document said.

The CAF Directive, like the Canadian government, recognizes that vaccination does not stop transmission.

“There are significant limitations to the ability of vaccines to reduce the risk of infection,” it said.

Lamirande told the Epoch Times that statistics on severe COVID-19 outcomes among CAF members before mass vaccination were not readily available.

She also said DND does not keep statistics on post-vaccination adverse events of any kind.

vaccine injury

Vaccination against COVID-19 is becoming increasingly relevant to many health issues. Some jurisdictions, such as certain Scandinavian countries, have stopped recommending vaccination for young people due to the risk of heart inflammation (myocarditis/pericarditis), or have banned some vaccinations, especially for young men. does not make recommendations for any of its branded vaccines.

health ontario To tell Cases of post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis occur more frequently in men under the age of 30, and at a higher rate with Moderna injection.

Young males are an important demographic for CAF, and Moderna was widely used for military vaccination.

There were also allegations of vaccine injury among CAF members, according to internal emails obtained by The Epoch Times.

Sergeant Calvin Scott, a Royal Canadian Air Force Airman, emailed his squadron in January. Another CAF member who received the email provided it to this publication.

Scott, who was responding to the CAF vaccine booster campaign, told colleagues about post-vaccination heart damage and advised them to make an informed decision about their third dose.

“We are sending this information because we believe it is important for CAF members to have access to a wide range of information before making personal health decisions,” Scott wrote.

He said he was not against vaccines, but that COVID-19 vaccination could be beneficial based on age, gender and health status. In his email, he provided links to scientific literature on the risk of heart inflammation after vaccination.

“I currently wear a heart monitor for reasons that I believe are medically substantiated and related to my two original COVID vaccinations. I have two military neighbors who are in the military,” Scott wrote.

A former pilot in another squadron, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the emails made several waves and were leaked outside the squadron by pilots who were fed up with the vaccine.

Scott was reportedly threatened with prosecution and recorded a warning to speak up.

The latest CDS draft directive states that boosters may be mandated depending on circumstances such as the emergence of new virus variants or specific deployment sequences.


An earlier version of the draft, leaked over the summer, suggested that mandates for the CAF vaccine would be dropped entirely.

Later, Chief of Defense Wayne Eyre Said Delegation only gets “tweaked”.

Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre called for the CAF to withdraw the mandate on September 27, and his party’s health commentator Michael Barrett said: Said It may be acceptable to keep it mandatory for some operational purposes.

The Epoch Times has sent a request to the Conservative Party to clarify its position on the mandate, but has not received a response by publication time.

Noe Chartier


Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret