Execution date of six death row prisoners in Oklahoma


Oklahoma City (AP) —Friday’s Oklahoma Criminal Appeals Court set an execution date for six convict on death row just hours before a lawyer filed a petition for retrial.

Execution dates for James Codington, Richard Grossip, Benjamin Koll, Richard Fairchild, John Hanson, and Scott Eisenberg begin August 25 in Codington and are scheduled for September 22 in Grossip. rice field.

Glossip, whose first conviction and death sentence was overturned, was hours after being executed in September 2015 after prison officials were convicted and sentenced to death a second time. Noticed that they received the wrong deadly medicine..

I learned later Same wrong medicine Execution in the state was withheld because it was previously used to execute prisoners.

Execution in Oklahoma Reopened in October With John Grant, he quivered in Gurney and vomited before being declared dead.

Glossip’s lawyer, Don Knight, said later on Friday, Investigation by a law firm in Houston Glossip claims to be innocent.

A report by law firm Reed Smith claims that evidence was lost or destroyed, and the detective told co-defendant Justin Sneed Barry Van, owner of the Oklahoma City motel where Grossip worked. He claims to have improperly asked the main question to involve Grossip in the killing of Trise.

Motel handyman Sneed has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being charged with beating Van Treese with a baseball bat in a motel room in 1997. Need testified that he had killed Van Trise, but only after motel manager Grossip promised to pay him $ 10,000 to commit the crime.

“The facts and evidence we now know in this case prove that Richard Grossip is an innocent man,” Knight said. “We urge Oklahoma to grant this request for post-conviction relief based on a wealth of new evidence that has never been evaluated by judges and juries.”

Knight also called for the court to postpone the execution date of Grossip until a decision was made on the motion for a new hearing.

“We urge the Oklahoma Criminal Appeals Court to set Richard Grossip’s execution date until this new information is fully considered,” Knight said.

The motion alleges that the prosecution’s misconduct, inadequate and inadequate evidence, invalid defense counsel, inadequate jury trial instructions, and the judge’s failure to isolate the jury in the Grossip case.

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor Asked the State Court of Appeals Set execution date for 25 convict on death row in June Federal Judge’s Rejection Of their challenge to the state lethal injection law.

The dates are about a month apart. The execution of Grossip is followed by the executions of convicted murderers Benjamin Koll, Richard Fairchild, John Hanson and Scott Eisenberg.