Execution-Happy Russia robs American fighters in Ukraine




Fighting foreign volunteers Ukrainian Russian Army They sounded an alarm on Wednesday on two American fighters they say were captured in a fierce battle.

Robert Druke (39) and Andy Finn (27) were serving the Ukrainian army when they were taken to Kharkiv last week. Telegraph report.

“We were on a mission, but the information was bad and everything was completely crazy. When it turned out that the Russians were already attacking it, we had a clear town. “I was told,” the man who was fighting with them told the newspaper. He said the two disappeared in a confrontation with Russian troops and “no signs of them were found and nothing was found” in a subsequent search of the area.

The two are believed to be the first American volunteers Captive prisoner By Russian troops since the invasion on February 24th.

Last Wednesday, a Twitter account run by a task force consisting of former US and French military personnel announced that two Americans had been captured.

The statement said the man’s fate was “confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence,” but there was no immediate confirmation from Ukrainian authorities.

“I haven’t heard anything about their well-being since then,” the statement said, “a week ago when our team was isolated in the midst of a Russian attack,” the Americans caught. Explained that it was done.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and its chief intelligence agency did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

But the news came as Russian authorities doubled their call to apply the death penalty to Ukrainian foreign volunteers.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova recently gave a Russian agent to two British and one Moroccan citizen in occupied Donetsk. He praised the death sentence.

British citizens Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin, along with Moroccan citizen Ibrahim Sadun, were officially part of the Ukrainian army when captured during a fierce battle in Mariupol. Authorities with Russian support rushed to a trial against the group in less than three days and sentenced them to death last Thursday.

British fighter captured in Ukraine was sentenced to death by a Russian agent

“Such a harsh ruling seems to be a clear example of all other so-called lucky soldiers who intend to fight or join them on the side of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. This is Donbus.” she is SaidReflects the Kremlin’s twisted story that the neo-Nazis dominate Ukraine, even though the president himself is Jewish.

The Speaker of the House of Russia also gave a menacing view on Wednesday about the fate of those captured by Russian agents in Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Molotin urged Russian-backed agents in the occupied Donetsk territory to apply the death penalty to those captured in the war.

“The death penalty is a good measure of punishment for these fascists,” he writes. telegramBlame those who are fighting for Ukraine for “crimes against humanity”.

Russia currently has a moratorium on the death penalty, he states: [Donetsk People‚Äôs Republic] It would be correct to save it. This is especially relevant during the war. “

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly claimed that foreign volunteers fighting for Ukraine are “mercenaries” who have officially joined the Ukrainian army but are not protected by international humanitarian law.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov wants reporters to appeal the death sentence against Pinner and Aslin earlier this week. He said he had to rely on the authorities of the country that gave it, that is, an unrecognized Russian agent. Donetsk People’s Republic.

The fate of foreign prisoners of war is balanced, but Ukrainian friends and loved ones captured in defense of Mariupol’s Azovstal ironworks are also begging the world to remember them. Hundreds of Ukrainian defenders remain detained in the territory occupied by Russian agents, their condition unknown.

A Video appeal Announced Wednesday by the Azovstal Iron and Steel Family Association, it called on international journalists and the International Red Cross to visit the exiles of the occupied town of Olenifka, where many men are detained. Ukrainian officials said more than 2,500 Ukrainian defenders were taken prisoner of war in Azovstal, some crossing the border and some in exiles run by Russian agents.

“We must not forget the heroes of Azovstal,” the group said, adding that “the world must know the truth.”

Some of the Russian POW families said they had not received information about the man or had not heard from them for several weeks.

“According to the Geneva Convention, they have the right to call their relatives twice a week to make sure they are okay. They never got a call,” said one sister of a Ukrainian defender. Tatiana Calco said.

“The soldiers have fulfilled their obligations. They have done everything to protect our country … and now it is the duty of the nation to do everything to protect them there. Understands what methods Russia can use. We know about all these methods. And we don’t want to. [those methods used]Because our soldiers don’t deserve it, “said Ekaterina Prokopenko, wife of the commander of the Azov Regiment, a prisoner of war in Russia.

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