Execution of Nevada prisoners seeks firing squad options

Las Vegas (AP) — Convicted murderer fighting June’s execution date, which could be sentenced to death in Nevada for the first time in 15 years, calls on the state to consider firing squad as an option I am. United States of America.

Zayn Michael Floyd’s lawyer says he doesn’t want to die and challenges the state’s plan to use the proposed triad. As a result, the execution of another convicted murderer was delayed twice and later sentenced to life imprisonment.

“This is not a late tactic,” said Floyd’s public defender Brad Levenson on Monday.

But the challenges of the state’s execution protocol require defenses to provide alternatives, and Levenson said gunshots on the brainstem are “the most humane way.”

“Execution by firing squad causes a less painful execution than lethal injection,” the lawyer said in a court filed Friday.

Three US states, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah, and the US military have granted the death penalty for shooting. This method was last used in the United States in 2010 in Utah.

Floyd’s lawyer has asked a federal judge in Las Vegas to suspend Floyd’s executions until prison officials “devise new procedures for legal executions.”

Levenson and lawyer David Anthony said Floyd’s death could be set for the week of June 7, fighting multiple issues in state and federal courts.

The 45-year-old woman was convicted in 2000 for killing four people with a shotgun in a supermarket in Las Vegas in 1999 and seriously injuring a fifth.

Floyd apparently ran out of federal appeal last November, and the US Supreme Court refused to hear his case. Floyd wants the opportunity to seek amnesty at a meeting of the Nevada Amnesty Commission on June 22, Levenson said.

Floyd’s lawyer said the state’s combination of three drugs, the sedative diazepam, the powerful synthetic analgesic fentanyl, and the paralytic cisatracurium besylate, was a cruel and extraordinary punishment that violated his constitutional rights. Claims to be.

Anthony had a similar discussion on behalf of Scott Raymond Dozier before the final scheduled executions in Nevada were suspended in 2017 and 2018. Dozier committed suicide in prison in January 2019.

The judge blocked the first date after determining that the use of paralytic drugs could cause painful choking.

The drug companies that manufactured the three drugs stopped the second day in a debate against using their products for executions. This is a problem facing some states.

Floyd will be the first person to be executed in Nevada since 2006, when Darryl Mack was sentenced to death for being convicted of rape and murder in Reno in 1988.

There are 72 men awaiting executions in Nevada, a state correctionswoman said.