Experts finally testify in a coroner Quebecteen police inquiry Shooting Death


Experts said in a Quebec coroner’s investigation into today’s 17-year-old teenage police shooting, the longer the intervention, the more likely it is to have peaceful results.

He was the last witness to the inquest after seeing the death of Riley Fairholm, who was killed by Quebec police after the Quebec police shook the air pistol in pain at the beginning of July 25, 2018. Was one of them.

One of the six police officers who responded shot the teen after veteran police officers repeatedly told Fairholm to drop their weapons. Head.

Michael Aruda, a retired Montreal police officer and crisis intervention expert, said his training would expand encounters where possible, giving backup, non-lethal weapons, and other partners time to engage. He says he is urging police officers.

Today, researchers at a police academy in Quebec surveyed an overview of the phenomenon of suicide by police officers. In this phenomenon, the person trying to end his life causes a conflict with the police.

The inquest, led by coroner Jehane Camel, is expected to end after hearing from a final expert asked to evaluate police intervention involving Fairholm.

Canadian press