Experts say that if you are unvaccinated, you are less likely to have a jab if you require a Covid passport.

NHS App Covid Vaccine Passport-Justin Tallis / AFP

NHS App Covid Vaccine Passport-Justin Tallis / AFP

At nightclubs and other venues where large numbers of Boris Johnson gather Adopt Covid passport from Monday According to statisticians, unvaccinated patients may postpone the administration of jabs.

According to an ORB survey of more than 2,000 people, 44% of respondents who have not yet been vaccinated but have accepted the idea are unlikely to accept jabs if: Covid authentication required At clubs, theaters and sporting events.

Only 17 percent of those who said they were unsure whether to accept the vaccine were more likely to have a jab.

Findings raise the prospect that using vaccine passports as part of the reopening of venues such as nightclubs could damage government attempts to persuade shakers to have jabs. I will.

Alex de Figueiredo, statistical leader of the London School of Economics and Tropical Medicine’s Vaccine Reliability Project, said the findings require the government to “extremely pay attention” to the idea of ​​a vaccine passport. He said he showed that there was.

“We can’t confuse the support of the majority of the public with public health benefits,” he said, adding that passports were generally only popular with those who had already expressed a firm will to vaccinate. ..

An analysis of Dr. Figueiredo’s poll showed that the introduction of a vaccine passport could lead to a 27 percent “net reduction in the agreement to accept the vaccine.”

About 427 of the people surveyed had not yet received the jab. Fifty-five percent said they were “certainly accepting” or “not sure but leaning to yes” and 45% said they were “not sure but leaning to no” or “never” It was.

66% of the 2,046 respondents were in nightclubs, theaters, Sporting event It claimed Covid certification. At the same rate, I agreed with Boris Johnson’s suggestion that certification should be a legal requirement if the venue fails to implement such a system.

However, only 17% of respondents who were uncertain about accepting the vaccine said their passport policy was more likely to cause jabs.

Although not yet received the jab, about 44% of those who accepted the jab did not agree with the statement that they are likely to receive the vaccine if a Covid passport is introduced at a leisure facility.

Overall, only 28% said that vaccination passport requirements would make them less likely to visit theaters, clubs and other large venues, but 58% disagreed. However, among those who have not yet been vaccinated, the percentage of those who say they are unlikely to go to such places has risen to 44 percent.

The findings found that the introduction of vaccine passports could reduce jab intake in cities, leading to “low-vaccine concentration areas” and increasing the overall “epidemic risk” of more than 16,000 people. Ring the chime in the previous survey.

An early study, also by the Vaccine Reliability Project, concluded that there was “a lot to do” to convince people to vaccinate among London, Northern Ireland, and the black community.

The survey also suggests a sharp increase in the number of people who believe that Covid is out of control, with 70 percent now opposed.

Johnson said last week that he would be encouraged to adopt Covid certification in nightclubs and elsewhere where crowds gather. “As a matter of social responsibility”..

He said related companies should “use” the NHS Covid app as a “means of entry” for double vaccination, recent negative tests, or evidence of innate immunity.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi Claimed in February That “we are not planning to have [Covid] British passport “.

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