Experts warn that white supremacists have been “reorganized in an obstructive way.”

Voter turnout was very low at the White Lives Matter rally in cities across the country last Sunday, but experts who track radical movements online say it’s not necessarily a white supremacist. Warns that it does not mean that he has lost his position.

Peter Levay, regional director of the Orange County and Long Beach Defamation League, may have been a strategy with just a few people involved. Said Los Angeles Times.. When a handful of supporters confront voice opponents, this “leads to the agenda that white men no longer have constitutional rights,” Levi said. “They try to get together, and they can’t get together. They try to be free to speak, and they can’t.”

Prior to Sunday’s rally in Huntington Beach, California, some organizations tried to discourage rebels from going to the event, saying they would join the hands of white supremacists directly. “They are using it in proceedings,” said Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. Times.. “They use this for PR. They use it for media attention and it’s very problematic. We don’t want to agree with their story. We don’t want to feed their story. . “

Low turnout was not strategic and may have been helped by a lack of leadership. The “White Lives Matter” rally, first advertised on Telegram in March, is the central organizer. Times Report. Lieutenant Brian Smith, a spokesman for Huntington Beach Police, tried to contact the organizers to remind law and local ordinances before the rally by newspaper officials, but tracked the people behind the event. He said he couldn’t.

Many white supremacist groups use hot topics such as immigration and police atrocities to offend their followers and attract new members. Experts who monitor these groups Times, And this can lead to a lone wolf attack. “Don’t think the militants are out of duty. They have been reorganized in a disturbing way,” said Brian Levin, director of the Center for Hatred and Radicalism at California State University, San Bernardino. It ’s just that. ” Times.. “Now we are seeing a slimmer, more mean, less publicized type of extremism.” Read more. so Los Angeles Times.

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