Explain why illegal immigrants come to the United States when they cross private land

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  • Illegal immigrants said President Joe Biden would come to the United States for natural disasters and violence in his home country.
  • The landowner, who frequently crosses on the way to the treatment facility, said that Biden invited them and told him they were here.
  • Some migrants said they did not want to leave their country but had to leave because of corruption and lack of opportunity.

Rincon Village, Texas — Illegal immigrants are crossing private land in the United States in search of asylum for a number of reasons, including President Joe Biden’s presidency and factors such as violence and natural disasters that destroy his country. Said on Friday.

Approximately 190 illegal immigrants were encountered on Friday in a private location in the village of Rincon near Mission, Texas. A man who calls himself a “junior” told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he would encounter illegal immigrants across private lands every day, at least four days a week.

“They are all saying the same thing, Biden invited us,” Jr. told DCNF, he said after the media attacked him asking for access to his land. I asked him to omit his surname.

Jr. told DCNF that the illegal immigrants were only walking on the road, causing no property damage, but left behind a variety of medicines, clothing, bottles and other debris. He added that no one was aware of any prominent members of the coyote or cartel.

“In the case of Mr. Obama, it was mostly men with children, not women, but I asked several times.” Where is your dad? “And a child — one child said,” He I remember saying, “I’m not here.” The so-called father was five feet away and said, “I’m here.” He was angry and upset and I knew. He’s not a father, but there’s nothing I can do, “Junior told DCNF.

A large group of immigrants, including women and a few children, and a Honduras man crossing the land of juniors said the Biden administration had given them the opportunity to come to the United States.

A woman traveling in the same group said she was fleeing Honduras with her son because she was despised and killed.

A large group of immigrants from Guatemala said they were “not delinquent” and that they illegally came to the United States to find a job.

Antonio Flores, 22, from Honduras, said he and his family came to the United States due to corruption and lack of opportunity in their home country. He added that this trip was not what he wanted to do, he didn’t want to leave his country, and the group didn’t pay anyone to take them across the border. ..

A group of four male immigrants from Honduras, aged 15 to 17, said they came to the United States because a hurricane destroyed their home, and that it was easy to enter the United States under the Biden administration.

Junior’s land is not a place of entry, and all immigrants he met there on Friday illegally entered the United States. During the Trump administration, Jr. told DCNF that he would go for weeks, sometimes months, without seeing illegal immigrants.

Previously, illegal immigrants had to walk until they encountered border authorities and were brought in. Junior told DCNF that there is now a temporary processing center under the International Bridge, about five miles from the riverbank. Many migrants are now heading directly to the facility.

Officials from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection under the previous administration knew that illegal immigrants had entered the country, but Jr. claimed they did not pick them up.

By Kaylee Greenlee

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