Exploring Juan Soto’s Transactions


The trading deadline became a little uneasy on the weekend Athletic report Washington outfielder Juan Soto declined an offer of $ 440 million for 15 years to stay in the Nationals.

Suddenly, social media was enthusiastic about the possibility that Soto was being traded and what great offer he would need to buy him.

The deal involving the 23-year-old star will be an earthquake because of his talent, youth, and the fact that he has no plans to become a free agent until the end of the 2024 season. The team considering the acquisition of Soto needs to consider the possibility that he will stay there, but even his two and a half years can be quite worth it.

It was at this moment that the online trade simulator was intended. baseballtradevalues.com Probably got a lot of hits on Saturday. The site attempts to quantify the value of the player, taking into account the player’s contract status. For example, Soto’s trade value (estimated value in the field minus salary) is listed on the site as $ 193.7 million, Wander Franco ($ 286 million), Ronald Acuña Jr. (200 million). ($ 21.2 million), followed by Hosera Milles ($ 209 million). In all of baseball.

Therefore, when using the site’s trade simulator, the goal is to line up transactions where the public will get a value of about $ 193.7 million in exchange for Soto. Let’s enjoy this.

This exercise assumes that all non-trade clauses are exempted if necessary. All prospects are ranked by MLB Pipeline and the transaction value in parentheses is in millions.

Deal 1: From Soto ($ 193.7) to Red Sox SS Marcelo Meyer ($ 55.4), 1B Trison Casas ($ 39.7), RHP Brayan Bello ($ 28.8), RHP Tanner Hauk ($ 27.1), 2B Nick Yorke ($ 25.2), SS Xander Bogaerts ($ 22).

When a player like Soto becomes available, you will soon start thinking about the wealthy teams that are already competing-you can immediately benefit from adding him and keep him in the long run. A franchise that has the means for. The Dodgers and Yankees fit the bill, but each has only one top 25 prospect.

Under this deal, Boston will give up on No. 10, 14, 44, and 64 prospects, and four-time All-Star Bogaerts who can become free agents later this season. If Washington feels it can stretch him, does such a trade make sense?

Dylan Carlson ($ 72.8), 3B Jordan Walker ($ 61.6), 20B Nolan Gorman ($ 32.4), OF Tyler O’Neal ($ 28.3) Trading to Cardinal 2: Soto ($ 193.7).

Walker is the 9th-ranked prospect in the game, and Carlson and Gorman are draft high picks who have reached the big league but are not yet 24 years old. O’Neill hit 34 home runs last year.

Deal 3: From Soto ($ 193.7) to Tigers OF Riley Greene ($ 72), 1B Spencer Torkelson ($ 64.1), LHP Tarik Skubal ($ 55).

Washington wins Baseball’s First Outlook (Green), 2020 Draft Top Pick (Torkelson), and Major and Promising 25-year-old (Skubal). Detroit made such a deal when it bought Miguel Cabrera, but it worked just because the Tigers were able to keep him for a long time. Unless they are ready to use what they need to grab Soto, it makes little sense for them to bring Soto.

Transaction number 4: RHP Logan Webb ($ 79), SS Marco Luciano ($ 54.3), LHP Kyle Harrison ($ 39.2), OF Luis Matos ($ 19.3) Soto to the Giants ($ 193.7).

San Francisco has returned to Earth after a 107-win campaign a year ago, so the Giants will probably want to pursue a restart with Soto. This deal requires them to exchange impressive young pitchers with two top 25 prospects on the Webb, but if Soto can be maintained, there’s a long window around him to create a good roster.

Transaction number 5: 2B Jake Cronenworth ($ 54.5), SS CJ Abrams ($ 52.1), LHP MacKenzie Gore ($ 42.4), OF Robert Hassell III ($ 38.7) Soto to Padres ($ 193.7).

Even if Soto has only been in San Diego for a couple of years, teaming up with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado is a fascinating idea. And Padres can afford to move Abrams because of Tatis’s presence. Whether this package is enough to move the Washington needle is another matter.

Transaction number 6: RHP Eurie Perez ($ 68.8), LHP Trevor Rogers ($ 61.6), OF Jesús Sanchez ($ 31.5), RHP Max Meyer ($ 29) Soto to the Marlins ($ 193.7).

This seems very difficult, partly because Miami belongs to the Washington division, but if the Marlins want to lose their reputation as a franchise to let go of the stars, there’s no time like it is now. Value figures are lined up for this deal, and Miami doing it while having the core of Sandy Alcantara, Jazz Chisholm and Pablo Lopez still waiting to play with Soto I was able to get it. The Nationals will win two 24-year-old big leaguers at Rogers and Sanchez, in addition to two top 25 prospects at Perez and Meyer.

Deal No.7: OF Mike Trout ($ 115.7), OF Taylor Ward ($ 59.3), LHP Reid Detmers ($ 21) Soto to the Angels ($ 193.7).

Now we are in Fantasyland — or are we? Having largely wasted a decade of Trout’s greatness, will the angel press the reset button by handing him out to another star outfielder seven years younger? Trout has his own huge deal, but if the Nationals are ready to give it to Soto, they’re probably willing to pay Trout and he plays at the MVP level until his thirties. I hope I can continue to do so.

And last but not least, a bonus deal for those who like to see the world burn:

From Soto ($ 193.7) OF Bryce Harper ($ 70), RHP Mick Abel ($ 28.2), SS Bryson Stott ($ 26.7), RHP Andrew Painter ($ 25.8), 3B Alec Baume ($ 23.1), LHP Ranger Suarez ($ 23.1) $ 20.4).

This week’s line

Clayton Kershaw retired the first 21 batters and threw an eight-inning one-hit ball as the Dodgers. Defeat the Angels 9-1 On Friday night.

This week’s comeback

The Dodgers struggled with the victory on Wednesday.They dragged 7th 6-0 before rallying 7-6 victory..Their winning percentage Was 0.7% According to Baseball Savant, with 2 outs, no one is at the top of the 7th inning.

Smith hit a two-run home run in the inning. In the eighth inning, Mookie Betts hit a double RBI and Trea Turner added a two-run single. Max Muncy hit a sacrifice fly in the ninth inning, and Hanser Alberto finally led Los Angeles with an RBI single.


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