Explosion at Serbian munitions factory kills at least two people

Belgrade, Serbia — A series of explosions at a munitions factory on the outskirts of the Serbian capital on Tuesday killed at least two workers and injured at least 16 people, police and media reported.

According to police, the first explosion occurred around 2 pm in the warehouse where the rocket was stored in the factory, producing several types of ammunition. The explosion was also heard in the capital Belgrade.

Police said rescuers are using drones to look for potentially more victims. They said the firefighters rescued five people from the rubble.

State RTS television said about 40 people were in the warehouse when the explosion occurred. The injured workers were severely burned and transferred to a hospital in Belgrade, but more people remain unexplained.

Serbian ammunition explosion
On November 22, 2021, a big wave broke out after a blast in the suburbs of Belgrade, Serbia. (Edinschkorich via AP)

The warehouse was completely destroyed, and footage from the scene was shown, with craters remaining on the ground.

Police said the fire was localized and the local population was safe. The media reported that the explosion shattered the windows of a nearby house.

Dozens of firefighters were immediately dispatched to the site 15 km (9 miles) south of Belgrade. Police and firefighters have blocked areas where thick swirling smoke can be seen. Several cars were burning in the factory parking lot.

The factory was the site of another explosion in which three workers were injured in 2008.

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