Explosion, Sherbrooke, Que’s Fire Rock Business and Fire Chief say three people were injured

Que after witnesses reported the explosion. Sherbrooke firefighters are fighting fire at a food complex on the western edge of the city.

Sherbrooke fire Chief Stephen Simone told reporters today that the three were injured and taken to the hospital, but he did not have the latest information on their condition.

A few kilometers away from the Center de Valorisation de l’Aliment de l’Estrie, I saw a huge smoke. jobs It promotes locally produced food and is located in the city’s predominantly industrial and commercial areas, about 150 km east of Montreal.

According to Simono, the biggest problem is that the complex is huge and contains a lot of combustibles inside.

He said the building was very unstable due to the explosion fire It is under control. Many firefighters, police and rescuers were on the scene.

The jobs The company’s website describes it as a food hub with 24,000 square feet of space, an industrial kitchen for food production and processing, storage space, and a local grocery store.

Canadian press