Explosive California Wildfire in Tahoe Region “Knocking on the Door”


NS Explosive California wildfire It evacuated thousands of people to their homes, Last week devastated the mountain community The state’s chief fire official said Monday that he was “knocking on the door” in the Lake Tahoe basin.

Thom Porter, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire (CalFire), said CaldorFire “No. Stops the potential damage that flames can cause to popular destinations and areas that are home to tens of thousands of people. “One priority in the country” to secure additional resources to help.

“It’s very important,” Porter told reporters, adding, “We are making every effort to keep it away from the basin.”

According to CalFire, the flame destroyed 557 buildings. Last week, we incinerated many of the grizzly bears, a small community 65 miles east of Sacramento.

CalFire Chief Eric Schwab said on Monday that limiting the eastern spread of the fire to other small mountain communities and Tahoe was a “top priority.” However, he said firefighters were having a hard time containing the spot fire in that part of the rapidly expanding flame.

More than 24,000 people remained evacuated on Monday in El Dorado County, where the fire broke out on August 14, according to the Governor’s Office of the Emergency Management Service.

The flame, which had grown over 47,000 acres within 24 hours, had swollen to over 106,000 acres by Monday and was contained 5 percent. Recently, the fire jumped over US Route 50, the main road through the Tahoe region.

Fire is one of the twelve large flames burning throughout the state. A California Department of Forestry and Conservation spokesman said Monday that a staggering 1.5 million acres had been burned in California in 2021.

Experts attribute the state’s increasingly intense fire season to a century-long fire control policy that saw the historic drought expanded by climate change and the formation of jungles that could act as craters. thinking about.