Extinct rebellion fossil fuels protest turmoil in two Australian cities


Australian Extinction Rebellion (ER) activists blocked four-lane traffic in the capital Canberra, protested in Melbourne on August 3, and immediately stopped what the Australian Government considered a “fossil fuel frenzy.” Instead, he demanded that he focus on the fight against greenhouse emissions. ..

The crowd caused serious disruption to commuters passing through the headquarters of the Australian Petroleum Production Exploration Association (APPEA), the US Peak Oil and Gas Agency.

The obstruction continued the next day, with members splashing red paint and protesting outside the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. This is a response taken after Environment Minister Susan Lee ruled that the health of potentially affected children was responsible. Coal mine expansion, conviction that ER helped the champion.

The protests then spread to Melbourne, the country’s second-largest city, on Thursday, with activists moving outside the office of Federal Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg.

The 2021-22 federal budget handed over by Frydenberg was angry after ER followers were not impressed by the belief that the Australian Government had neglected to quickly track climate change mitigation efforts. Triggered a demo.

“I’m here because I’m deeply worried about my grandson’s future,” said Margaret, an 80-year-old protester and former principal.

“I’m worried about the future of all my children because I know the government isn’t doing the right thing and I feel obliged to do it,” she said.

At least four protesters were arrested in the demonstration, according to the ER.

Protesters called for “duty of care” and demanded that the government declare a climate emergency.

In particular, the ER aims to advance Australia’s emission targets to reach net zero by 2025.

“These professional activists are clearly misinformation because the oil and gas industry is working hard on climate change efforts,” an APPEA spokeswoman said in a demonstration. Later, he told the Epoch Times.

A spokeswoman explained that natural gas is cleaner when burned and emits less carbon dioxide than coal.

“The Australian Government estimates that LNG exports can reduce importing countries’ emissions by about 170 million tonnes each year, which is about one-third of Australia’s total annual emissions.” Said a spokeswoman.

High-speed “lamping” capability of gas generators to quickly ignite and supply power when hundreds of thousands of homes in Queensland fail in the event of a fire at a coal-fired power plant in the state Has also recently been proven. Recently 400,000 without electricity.

The Australian Government is also significantly supporting gas as a way to provide backup power as more wind and solar generators assimilate into the grid.

Protests by climate change activists arise amid growing uncertainty about Australia’s future energy security.

Last week, the government’s Energy Security Commission warned Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the state prime minister that Australia could face power outages and rising prices without a complete overhaul of the country’s grid.

In addition to the unplanned outage in Queensland, in the past three months alone, Australasia’s largest aluminum smelter in New South Wales has been forced to power down five times in two weeks. These events have tripled the energy of the average household in most parts of Australia from last year.

Daniel Kumerev