Extraterrestrial intellectual life could explain some UFO sightings: Russian Space Secretary


Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said some sightings of unidentified flying objects (UAPs), colloquially called UFOs, could result from extraterrestrial intellectual life. rice field.

Rogozin Russian TV interviewAired on June 11, the Russian Academy of Sciences was investigating and collecting information about UFO sightings. Approximately 99.9% of sightings were determined to be atmospheric or other physical phenomena, and he said they were potentially unrelated to intellectual life.

“But I admit that such a phenomenon may exist,” Rogozin said, according to a translation by the Russian state news agency. Sputnik..

He also said he had read reports by veterans of Soviet test pilots about what they witnessed during the 1970s flight.

“What we’re talking about usually happened during the first test battle,” he said, according to a translation of the state media. RT.. He also said he had received similar information from the US space agency NASA, the outlet reported.

The head of the Russian space agency acknowledged that there are people who support the idea that humans may be the subject of observation by other intelligent life forms, as well as the way humans study microorganisms. rice field.

Rogozin’s comment was announced about a month after the US Congressional hearing on UFOs was held for the first time in more than 50 years.

Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence, showed lawmakers two videos of UFOs, but said there was no explanation for the objects seen in the videos.

“There are only a handful [of events] There are flight characteristics and signature management that cannot be explained by the data we have, “he said. “These are obviously the most interesting to us.”

The hearing was held after the report on page 9 (pdfThe UAP Task Force, a designated task force within the Department of Defense, announced in June 2021, identified 144 UFO sightings between 2004 and 2021, but explained only one of them. I could not do it. Since the release of its preliminary assessment, Bray said the UAP Task Force database “is currently growing to include about 400 reports.”

Bray said some reports were related to the incident in which U.S. military aircraft picked up radio frequency energy from the UAP, but all of these detections suggest that they are of “non-terrestrial origin.” I didn’t. He did not comment at the hearing as to whether any of the remaining reports suggested evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Some Republicans criticized the hearing, arguing that Democrats are trying to divert attention to the specific problems facing Americans, such as inflation and declining oil reserves. And the Pentagon has withheld information from Americans and has not provided “a real answer to a serious question.”

Following the hearing, a private session of the Commission was held to allow lawmakers to hear confidential information.

When asked At a hearing about whether the United States has sensors in the sea to detect underwater UFOs, Pentagon chief intelligence officer Ronald Moultrie did not answer the question, but the problem was “more properly addressed. Will be. ” [the] Closed session. “

Gary Bai contributed to this report.

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