F1 Oil Sands Protest “Beyond Top Hypocrisy” Helps Alberta Proceedings, Kenny Claims


German Aston Martin F1 driver Sebastian Vettel wears a patch on his helmet blaming Canadian oil sands during his first practice session at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on June 17, 2022.

Prime Minister Jason Kenny said he would not lose his sleep in a protest by an F1 driver against the Alberta oil sands at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal last weekend.

In fact, Kenny says Sebastian Vettel’s “best hypocrisy” helps him to argue why the world should turn to Alberta for its fossil fuel energy.

Kenny is returning to the U.S. capital this week to help oil sands executives convince Capitol Hill lawmakers that they are serious about eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. increase.

Executives are driving the Pathways Alliance, a consortium behind the billion-dollar carbon capture and storage systems they say is key to making oil sands a net-zero business.

A longtime candid German-born Better has made waves in Montreal with T-shirts and specially designed helmet graphics that denounce the oil sands as a “Canadian climate crime.”

Vettel states that Vettel is driving Aston Martin, a team backed by oil giant Saudi Aramco. The Premier of Alberta states that it is one of the worst climate emission records in the world.

Canadian press