Facebook and Google are benefiting from a video of their daughter being murdered.

On October 12, 2021, with the support of the Civil Rights Act Clinic at Georgetown University, I Complaints The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opposed Facebook for not complying with its own terms of service and not deleting the video of the murder of his daughter Allison.That same night I appeared in Erin Burnett Program On CNN.

During my interview, Erin made a note from Facebook that my team had removed all the flagged videos. She read the statement on the air to me and millions of viewers. But as I began to experience a lengthy battle with Facebook, their statement wasn’t worth the paper on which it was written.

Wash, rinse and repeat – it’s the same tactic they’ve used since it all started for me TV reporter Allison was murdered While doing her job.

The response is typically: “Facebook (or YouTube on some days) apologizes for the unimaginable loss. Violence is not on our platform. We take this very seriously. These videos Has been deleted. “And here’s a video that Facebook claimed to have deleted on national television, this time a few weeks later, but it’s still up and easy to find.

“I’m not surprised”

Having lived this cycle for five years, I’m not surprised. Frances Haugen When Another recent whistleblower I confirmed that I have maintained it all the time. Facebook has the ability to remove violent content, false information and harassment, but this content is informative and cannot be removed. Allison’s murder can be monetized and highly shared for traffic.

Dad talks: Google, YouTube should remove murder video, murdered journalist father told FTC

Andy Parker and his daughter Alison were killed at work.

Andy Parker and his daughter Alison were killed at work.

What can i do?There was my turn testimony Two years ago, in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he refuted the innocent allegations that came from the endless parade of Facebook and Google executives.I got even a few functional bits Empathy from Senator Ted Cruz After the hearing. Apparently, that good intentions did not bring any meaningful action other than producing more hearing by Mark Zuckerberg parroting the same dishonest issue.

Last year, Georgetown Law and I Filed a similar FTC complaint against YouTube Allison’s murder video is still across the platform, so its parent company Google. Since then, there have been numerous updates and video examples on YouTube, but I’ve only heard crickets from FTC.

Thanks to the exemption from liability provided by Section 230, Facebook and Google can avoid anything but copyright infringement. To take advantage of that small opening, we asked the video owner, Gray Television, to: Grant joint copyright Therefore, you can use the “Al Capone” strategy. If you can’t bring Facebook to trial with the most vicious practices, you can still hold it at least to some extent. Gray refused.

Does Congress react to pressure?

My testimony, FTC filings, and attempts to get copyright are the same as throwing spaghetti at the wall in the hope that something will stick together. Now it all seems to be slipping down. FTC can emerge from shadows and great Facebook and Google.They are Millions of dollars fined In the past, but for companies worth billions, it’s just a big change. But due to the current fire of accusations against Facebook, Increasing pressure on parliament Finally act and fix Section 230.

That requires something that the dysfunctional Congress may have difficulty achieving.

So does Facebook have a new name? : I’m pretty sure they will keep the same practice.

Andy Parker is an activist and author of

Andy Parker is an activist and author of “For Allison: The Battle of the Father for the Killing of Young Journalists and the Safety of Guns.”

Alison’s murder, shared on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, is just one of the malicious practices that undermines the structure of our society. Haugen has confirmed that Facebook can use AI to thwart this shameful practice, but instead the algorithms have not been designed to make Facebook’s use as useful or healthy as possible. They are designed to immerse users.

For me, the fix is ​​easy. Abolish the liability exemption provided by Section 230. If Facebook and YouTube appear in court and are considering thousands of legal proceedings, they will stop the action that required my FTC complaint. Parliament, stop messing around while Rome is on fire. Do your job. Do it for all who have been harmed. Do it to save our country. Do it for Allison.

Andy Parker is an activist “For Allison: Father’s Battle for the Killing of Young Journalists and Gun Safety.”

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