Facebook executives suggested that if Mr. Trump encouraged violence, Mr. Trump’s suspension would continue beyond 2023, but not if he spread the lie.

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Nick Clegg, Vice President of Facebook’s Global Affairs, appearing on ABC News “This Week”. ABC News / This Week

  • On Sunday, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs shed light on the company’s decision to suspend Mr. Trump for two years.

  • He confirmed the company’s view that Mr. Trump would be re-permitted in 2023, unless there is a risk to public safety.

  • He said he doesn’t think Facebook should be obliged to verify the “accuracy” of content posted by users.

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Nick Clegg, Facebook’s Vice President of Global Affairs, said on Sunday whether former President Donald Trump’s promotion of violence is a key factor in determining whether Facebook’s platform will be allowed in the future Said it would be.

Craig told George Stephanopoulos when he appeared on ABC News’ This Week, “it’s very difficult to make hypothetical decisions.”

Stefanopros pointed out that at a Saturday night rally in North Carolina, Trump once again made false allegations. New York Times At the rally, Trump reportedly repeated false claims that the 2020 elections were “manipulated.”

The president stopped using Facebook after inciting a riot in the US Capitol on January 6, which killed five people.Trump Twitter is also prohibitedIn May, Facebook’s supervisory board confirmed the company’s decision to suspend the former president. But I asked the company to reassess the decision..

The company announced on Friday that Mr. Trump will become president. Ban Facebook use until at least January 2023 –Two years have passed since it was launched from the platform. At the time, Facebook revisited Mr. Trump’s decision to suspend him, saying he would allow him to use it if the risk to public safety “retreat”.

Trump responded Friday, calling for Facebook’s decision to support his suspension. “abuse

Stefanopros pressured Craig on Sunday to ask if Trump’s continued dissemination of misinformation would prevent him from returning to Facebook in 2023.

“There are various tools we can use to deal with false alarms,” ​​Craig said on Sunday. “Therefore, we work with fact checkers around the world to downgrade and label content, whether it’s an election claim or a real false claim about something else.

“This applies to those who are not in public office or who are not running as political candidates,” he continued. “It’s a system that applies to everyone else, Donald. As long as Mr. Trump is no longer a candidate, it will also apply to Mr. Donald Trump. “

Facebook will also have politicians and world leaders on Friday Will no longer be excluded from content moderation rules...

But Craig said on Sunday that it’s not best for “private companies like Facebook” to “exactly” verify all people’s statements on the platform and remove users if they post false content. Instead, the company said it prefers to use an independent fact checker to demote and label false content.

“The bright red line there is fostering violence-isn’t it spreading lies?” Stefanopros asked.

“Yes,” Craig agreed. “There are very clear rules.”

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