Facebook Messenger adds Soundmojis emoji with sound effects


July 17th will be the annual World Emoji Day. Facebook has added the Soundmojis function to Messenger. You can now send these emojis with sound effects to your friends. The original Soundmoji gallery included 27 emojis (pictured below), including clapping, drumming, and evil laughter. There are also sound effects from artist Rebecca Black (the one from “The Worst Song in History” and “Friday”), or from movies and shows such as “F9”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Bridgeton”. Facebook will add more sound effects and clips over time.



If you really want to try these annoying Soundmojis to annoy your friends and family, you just need to open the Messenger conversation, press the smiley face and select the speaker icon, and then send the Soundmoji you want to use. In the gallery, you can preview the effect of the emoji before sending it.

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