Facebook Messenger Rooms will add new features corresponding to Clubhouse

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Pornpak Khunatorn via Getty Images

Earlier, there was news that Facebook also wanted to introduce Clubhouse’s voice-only live broadcast function. It seems that the progress of this social platform is very good, because clues have been found.Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi Just in the Facebook Android version of the application, you can find the Room option for natively launching a live voice broadcast.

Facebook Messenger Rooms was originally a tool they used to respond to Zoom, allowing platform users to make video or voice calls with up to 50 relatives and friends. However, the Clubhouse is a public “room”, so it can be seen from the screenshot that Facebook distinguishes the two gameplays with different privacy settings, but it is said that the maximum number of participants is also set at 50.

Then there is the interface design, which happens to be similar to the Clubhouse. It will display the avatars of each participant and separate the host and audience areas. However, Paluzzi discovered that users do not need to change to other apps to participate in the room, just click on the Facebook app.

Facebook later turned to TechCrunch It is confirmed to be true, but it is emphasized that it is only an “exploratory” product. If it will be launched in the future, it may look different.