Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn protect Afghan user accounts during Taliban takeover


Facebook, twitter, When LinkedIn This week they said they moved to safety NS account of Afghanistan Citizens to protect them from targets middle NS TalibanSwift Acquisition country’s.

Facebook Temporarily removed the ability to view or search your friends list account of Afghanistanistan, its security policy director Nathaniel Gleicher, tweeted Thursday.

Gleicher also said the company has launched a “one-click tool” for users. AfghanistanIstanbul to lock them down account, So people who are not them Facebook Your friends will not be able to see your timeline posts or share your profile picture.

Human rights groups Taliban Can be tracked using an online platform AfghanistanDigital history or social connection.Amnesty International has thousands of people this week AfghanistanS, including scholars, journalists and human rights advocates, were at serious risk Taliban Retaliation.

Former captain Afghanistan The women’s soccer team also urged players to remove social media and erase their public identity.

twitter Inc has contacted civil society partners to provide support to domestic groups and said it is working with the Internet Archive to facilitate direct requests to delete archived tweets.

If the individual cannot access account If it contains information that could endanger them, such as direct messages or followers, the company will temporarily account Until the user can regain access and delete the content.

twitter He also said he is actively monitoring account We are affiliated with a government agency and may be temporarily suspended account Pending additional information to verify their identity. NS LinkedIn A spokesman said a Microsoft-owned professional networking site was temporarily hiding user connections. AfghanistanSince it is istan, other users cannot see them.

Elizabeth Califord