Faced with a new ethical investigation, Matt Gaetz declares he “will not go anywhere”

Joe Ladle / Getty

Joe Ladle / Getty

Ten days after the relentless development in the scandal’s story of Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Florida Republicans reappeared on Friday night and almost ignored it. Most recent And Damn report And it provides a standard MAGA defense and applause line.

“I’m built for battle and I’m not going anywhere,” Gates told attendees of the Summits of the Americas at Trump Doral in Miami, Florida.

Gates is trying to ignore reports that it is investigating to pay for sex to women who may include minors, so Gates will work on an event hosted by Women for America First. I didn’t seem to feel ironic. Instead, he claimed that the report was a “smear” and “wild conspiracy theory” promoted by “liar media.”

As the sun sets on one of Trump’s golf clubs, Gates becomes a hero and “Fearless leader.. “

Gates paid the accused sex trafficker.

Congressman started things by regurgitating the 2020 “election stolen” lie from former President Donald Trump because of a “rule change.” He then moved to the familiar “America First” boosterism last week before saying “it was full of encouragement.”

But outside the warm range of another Trump property, the list of Gates scandals continues to grow. Just a few hours before Gates speaks on Friday, The House Ethics Commission has announced that it will also begin an investigation. In a “public claim” against him-and usually a brief press release provided a list of complaints laundry.

“The Commission has shared inappropriate images or videos on the house floor where Congressman Matt Gates was involved in sexual misconduct and / or illegal drug use, abused state identification, and personal use. We accepted bribes / improper tips, or unforgivable gifts that violated house rules, because of the conversion of campaign finances, “the Commission wrote in a letter.

Still, anyone who attended the “Supper and Drinks with Congressman Matt Gaetz” event could be fighting for his political future and, more importantly, his freedom. I didn’t know that. He delivered a speech that may have been recited most of the time at Trump’s rally over the last four years.

Still, as long as Gates maintains a relationship with the Trump brand, Trump himself appears to be keeping a distance.

Republicans were waiting for Matt Gaetz’s scandal to collapse

As the Daily Beast Reported late last weekThe former president’s adviser begged Trump not to publicly defend Gates until he learned more about his sexual relationship with a girl, at least 17 years old, and the credibility of his allegations about federal investigations. In most cases, Trump personally agrees with that advice, with various Trump World celebrities, members of the Trump family, and top Republican and conservative media stars closing the hell about the Gates scandal. ..

Some are preparing to wash the hands of loyal MAGA soldiers, even though Gates fights vigorously for Trump in almost every scandal and big controversy.

Sixteen former Trump administration officials, former campaign brass, longtime Republican operatives, and sources close to the former president whom The Daily Beast came in contact with were willing to defend Gates on record. No one does so anonymously.

Former President Trump finally did We released a statement about Gates on Wednesday, which was concise and almost self-serving. statement It provided at best half-hearted protection.

“Parliamentarian Matt Gaetz has never asked me for an amnesty,” Trump said in a statement. Gates sought full amnesty For himself and other Trump cheerleaders. “It must also be remembered that he completely denied the accusation against him.”

But for Gates, that’s all the proof he needs.

“The best hasn’t come yet,” Gates said at a Friday night event.

Matt Gaetz said his “travel record” exonerated him. Not so fast.

It ’s an emotion that came up from the 2020 Republican National Convention. Kimberly Gilfoil Speech, A prominent Trump ally and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend.

Between the time Gilfoil first yelled at those words and the time Gates said them on Friday, Joe Biden defeated Trump in the presidential election, the U.S. Capitol was overtaken by rebels, and Trump Getz, who became the first US president to be impeached twice and was exposed to it, is the subject of a Justice Department investigation into alleged sexual trafficking and prostitution.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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