Faced with pressure, Biden signs an order on abortion access

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden Takes Executive Branch to Protect Friday Access to abortionAccording to three people familiar with this issue, because he is facing increasing pressure from the Democratic Party. Supreme Court terminated constitutional rights To the procedure two weeks ago.

The White House said Biden would speak “about protecting access to reproductive health care services” on Friday morning, but the actions Biden was supposed to outline were expected to be limited in scope. .. He directed the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health and Welfare to support efforts to limit women’s ability to access federally approved abortion drugs and access to clinical abortion services across state boundaries. Is expected to be officially done. People discussed Biden’s actions on anonymous terms before being officially announced.

Biden’s presidential order is also an effort to protect women seeking and using abortion services, how and when privileged patient information needs to be shared with authorities, health care providers and insurance companies. Instruct the institution to educate.

An order coming two weeks after the June 24 decision of the High Court, which left the state to decide whether or how to terminate the national right to abortion and permit the procedure, There is more urgency to protect women’s access to abortion, which comes because Byden has faced criticism from some of his own party for not acting. The decision in the case known as the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned the court’s groundbreaking 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Since the ruling, Biden has emphasized that his ability to protect the right to abortion by the actions of the President is limited without the actions of Congress.

“Ultimately, Congress will have to act to codify Law into federal law,” Biden said last week. Virtual meeting with Democratic Governor..

Missions to the Justice Department and HHS are expected to push agencies to fight in court to protect women, but the judiciary system has raised them against the possibility of prosecution by states that have outlawed abortion. There is no guarantee that you will be on your side.

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