Faced with pressure from Beijing, Taiwanese president vows to “step into” the world

Taipei — Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen thanked the democratic nation for supporting the island in Sunday’s Lunar New Year message, and raised a rebellious voice in the face of relentless pressure from Beijing. I promised to take a step forward.

China’s ruling Chinese Communist Party, which claims a democratically governed island as part of its territory, has strengthened military activities around Taiwan over the past two years, stepped up efforts to limit its international role, and supported Taipei. It has something to do with blaming those who are trying to strengthen or strengthen.

On Monday, the day before Lunar New Year, Tsai thanked Taiwan for its growing international support in a short pre-recorded video message, the official beginning of the most important Chinese-speaking holiday.

“I would especially like to thank all the democratic partners who have supported Taiwan over the past year,” she said. “We will continue to deepen exchanges with all countries and step into the world.”

Taiwan has been encouraged by support from its most important backers, the United States, as well as Japan, European leaders and politicians, and the G7 Group, an industrialized nation that has offended Beijing.

Tsai did not directly mention China or provide New Year’s greetings, but expressed his heartfelt wishes to “friends” around the world celebrating festivals that can also be seen in Vietnam and South Korea.

Last year, Tsai wanted China to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but said he would not give in to Chinese pressure and repeated calls for China’s refusal to resume dialogue with Beijing.