Faced with the truth, Trump looks out of the pier Morgan’s interview

Donald Trump It remains a virtual challenge as ever.

It’s about the only concrete takeaway from the teaser released on Wednesday Piers MorganInterview with former president two strange shiny men discuss Trump’s defeated 2020 presidential election Joe Biden..

Based on a short clip, Trump seemed unresponsive to a question from former conservative former British television host Morgan. Considered playing cards Good friends. “

Trump is famous for protesting the results of the 2020 elections, but does not provide solid evidence to support his claim that he has just won. His attempt to prove his proceeding failed decisively in court. He lost 61 of the 62 proceedings He challenged the election.

US Supreme Court Refused Trump’s complaint no comment.

“In honor, you haven’t created solid evidence,” Morgan says at some point in the teaser clip as Trump tries to talk about him.

Elsewhere, Trump becomes Morgan and Ginger: “I don’t think you’re real!”

The clip ends with Trump complaining, “Turn off the camera … very dishonest,” and walk away from where he and Morgan were sitting.

The full interview will be aired in the United States on Monday, April 25th, on Fox News’ streaming service Fox Nation.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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